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Covid 19 | What is the current Visa situation in Indonesia | LetsMoveIndonesia

Covid 19 – The current Visa situation in Indonesia

Last updated 11:30 30th June 2020

If your KITAS/KITAP expired during the pandemic, you can now enter Indonesia.

The Indonesian government still imposes travel restrictions for foreign nationals (foreigners) both to and from the territory of Indonesia to reduce the number of positive cases of the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) in the country.

Restrictions on travelers through immigration gates are also still carried out based on the Regulation No. 11 of 2020 from Minister of Law and Human Rights which has taken force since 2nd April 2020 concerning Temporary Prohibitions of Foreigners Entering the Territory of Republic of Indonesia.

However, exceptions are given in several categories such as KITAS/KITAP holders, foreigners holding diplomatic and services visas, medical aid and support staff, humanitarian reasons, transport crews and people who will work on national strategic projects with the approval of the Directorate General of Immigration. But subsequently, the regulation has expanded in the form of Circular Letter No. IMI-GR.01.01-2493 of 2020 which came into effect since 6th May 2020 concerning the procedures for granting entry permits for holders of ITAS/ITAP/IMK (Return Permit/MERP)/Visa Approval/Visa which have expired.

In that Circular, which was signed by the Director General of Immigration, Jhoni Ginting, there were a number of points relating to the procedures for the Immigration officers to give permission for foreigners who were allowed to or were excluded from entering Indonesia.

Covid 19 Updates | LetsMoveIndonesia

This Circular regulates:

a. The procedure for granting entry permits for working or non-working (family union) ITAP holders, whose Entry Permit has expired and are abroad.

b. The procedure for granting entry permits for working and non-working (family union) ITAS holders, which expires and are abroad.

c. The procedure for reactivation through the system of Approval / Telex Visa which expires after the Covid19 pandemic status is declared over by the Authority.

d. The procedure for reactivation through the Visa system which expires after the Covid19 pandemic status is declared over by the Authority.

e. The procedure for granting a working or non-working ITAS/ITAP extension which expires and within Indonesia.

Granting Entry Permission:

1. For working or non-working (family union) ITAS/ITAP holders which expires and are abroad;

2. For working or non-working (family union) ITAP holders, whose Return Permit has been expired;

is given with the following procedures:

a. The Immigration which is in charge of Soekarno Hatta – Jakarta, Juanda – Surabaya, Ngurah Rai – Bali, Kualanamu – Medan, Hang Nadim – Batam, Batam Center – Batam, Citra Tritunas – Batam, are given the authority to grant a Permission Status of Forced Entry (ITKT Entry/ITKT Masuk) in the form of Hexagon Stamp without questioning the validity period of IMKT/ITAS.

b. Immigration Officials input every transaction that provides ITKT Entry that is available in the Crossing Application.

c. This ITKT-Entry granting is not an automatic extension of working/non-working/Investor ITAS or ITAP holders.

Covid 19 | LetsMoveIndonesia

See the full document in Bahasa

As always, if you have any questions, or need any assistance, feel free to contact LetsMoveIndonesia. T: 021 300 297 27 E: or check out these other recent articles:

Covid 19 – The current visa situation in Indonesia

Indonesian Passport Holders Immigration Update

Last updated 16:00 11th June 2020

***News Update from the Directorate General of Immigration!***

As per today all immigration offices are open again across Indonesia, opening hours may vary, but we believe they will be open till 15:00.

The big changes for today (as per the official attachments below) are:

A: Change of Status of an Immigration Stay Permit Application;

Foreigners are able to change their residence permits, such as:

  • KITAS conversion to KITAP
  • Social Visa (Single Entry Visa 211) conversion to Spouse KITAS

B: New Temporary Stay Permit (ITAS) Issuance; for those who have obtained visa (VITAS) from the Indonesian Embassy overseas

For this the applicant must have already collected their VITAS from an overseas Indonesian Embassy, but hasn’t converted it to KITAS because of the closure of immigration offices.

C: Immigration Certificate of Residency (SKIM) issuance; a letter issued by the Immigration Officials for foreigners who are willing to obtain Indonesian citizenship.

D: Indonesian Dual Citizenship and immigration facility application.

Covid 19 | LetsMoveIndonesia

We believe this is the first step to open the immigration offices on a more permanent basis, staggering the processes of backlog, so they are not over run in one go.

It appears the emergency stay permits are still ongoing until otherwise stated & no other changes to immigration, processes, travel restrictions have been made as of yet.

As soon as new updates are received, we will update this thread.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team and we will be happy to help. T: 021 300 297 27 E:

Last updated 12:30 28th May 2020

News update from the Immigration office – The Emergency Stay Permit has been extended beyond 29th May until further notification.

Covid19 | LetsMoveIndonesia

Many people are contacting us to obtain a KITAS in the hope they will not have to leave the country; please note that immigration offices remain closed for Visa applications and there are still no updates on when foreign nationals will be able to enter Indonesia again. Additionally, if you do apply for a KITAS you would still need to exit the country to collect your Telex, so there is no way around the visa restrictions.

As soon as further updates are made, we will continue to update this thread.

Have a question or need assistance, then contact the LetsMoveIndonesia team! T: 021 300 297 27 E:

Last updated 13:00 14th May 2020

As always, LetsMoveIndonesia will continue to update this article with information regarding the current visa situation for foreigners that wish to enter or are currently in Indonesia.

In today’s update, we wish to answer your most common questions.

Who can currently enter Indonesia:

As of right now, it is extremely challenging for foreigners to enter Indonesia. As listed in The Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation No. 11 Year 2020 on the Temporary Prohibition for Foreigners Entering the Territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

The only people allowed to enter Indonesia are:

1.Foreign Holders of Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) and Permanent Stay Permit KITAP)

2.Foreign Holders of Diplomatic and Service Visa

3.Foreign Holders of Diplomatic Stay Permit and Official Stay Permit

4.Medical and Food aid and support personnel. This is based on humanitarian purpose

5.Sea, Air and Land Transportation Crews

6.Foreigners who will work at National Strategic Projects. tory of the Republic of Indonesia

The excluded foreigners must meet the following requirements:

1.Present a health statement in English language which issued by the health authorities of their respective country

2.Must have stayed for 14 (fourteen) days in an area/country which not affected by Covid-19 outbreak

3.Statement of willingness to enter quarantine for 14 (fourteen) days in facilities provided by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia

Additional Note: If you have collected your Telex at an Indonesia Embassy overseas; however, have not been back to Indonesia to convert it to a KITAS, you will not be allowed to enter the country.

When will the travel restrictions be relaxed?

We are currently awaiting further instruction from the Government on the travel restrictions. As soon as we know for sure, we will update the LetsMoveIndonesia Covid article and our social media outputs. Please feel free to regularly check our site or follow our social media.

Applying for a Visa to Visit Indonesia

Currently the Indonesian Immigration Authorities are no longer processing new visas to Indonesia, until otherwise stated.

Visa Extension information

If you are located in Indonesia and your visa has expired, you do not need to worry as all foreigners are provided the automatic stay permit as outlined in the infographic below. (Provided by the Immigration Authorities).

Covid 19 Updates | LetsMoveIndonesia

When will the automatic extensions end?

We cannot be certain exactly when the Immigration Authorities will relax the travel ban or when the Emergency Stay Permits will end. Early signs are pointing towards 29th May; however, this will be down to the authorities to decide whether they will extend this period.

If you have applied for your visa and you are overseas, what should you do?

As with the renewals, Immigration authorities have also put in place extensions for those that had their Visa Approval (Visa Telex) granted after the 1st January 2020, as outlined in the infographic below.

Covid 19 | Indonesia | Immigration | LetsMoveIndonesia

Additional Notes – Don’t get scammed!

Many agencies have tried to monetize the situation and are trying to exploit foreigners by charging fees for extensions. There are no emergency fees at this time. If an agency asks for a fee, walk away and find yourself a more trustworthy agent.

At LetsMoveIndonesia, we have persistently been at the forefront of updating information to the public. To see continued updates, keep checking out this article or follow our social media platforms.

Last updated 13:00 7th May 2020

We have had many inquiries as of late from foreigners who have been asked to pay some sort of “processing fee” from greedy/unethical visa agents in respect of renewing their visas. Please know that there are no fees to pay currently as outlined in the info graphic below –  distributed by the Immigration Office of South Jakarta.

Covid 19 Updates | LetsMoveIndonesia

Please continue to stay safe and as always LetsMoveIndonesia will continue to keep you updated with the visa situation within Indonesia.

Have a question or need to know more, then feel free to contact us: E:

Last updated 15:00 7th April 2020

Indonesia immigration has taken the call to close all immigration offices in Indonesia and extensions for Visa on Arrivals and Single Entry Visas and are no longer possible.

Therefore, if you have either of the above you do not need to extend the visa and will automatically be granted a free emergency extension, with no need to visit the immigration office.

If you have a Multiple Entry Visa and you have used up your 60 day allowance, you do not need to leave the country and will be granted the automatic free emergency visa. Once again, you do not need to visit the immigration office.

If your visa has expired; (no matter the visa type) and you cannot leave the country, you can stay and will not be penalized. You also do not need to visit the immigration office.

If you have a KITAS that is extendable – You should extend it. LetsMoveIndonesia would be delighted to help you with this.

The immigration office is open for a very brief time in the morning which is explicitly for biometric and document collection.

It is not yet clear yet how long this free emergency situation will last for; however, we shall continue to update you as soon as we receive any further updates via this thread!

As always, please remain safe & restrict interactions as much as possible.

From everyone at LetsMoveIndonesia, we wish you good health during this truly terrible time.


Last updated 17:00 1st April 2020

Everything you need to know about the current visa situation in Indonesia

As the Covid 19 situation continues to spiral out of control, LetsMoveIndonesia will continue to keep you well informed of changes to government regulations that effect foreign nationals in Indonesia.

Starting from 2nd April 2020 new government legislation will be in effect for all foreigners entering, living and leaving Indonesia.

Below you may see attached the new regulations. Please note that as of yet, there is only an Indonesian version; however, we can also attach a copy of the press release which is in English.

New Regulations PDF (Indonesian Version)

English Press Release

The key points to note are:

1: Travel Ban Entering Indonesia

Indonesia is implementing a travel ban for all nationalities entering Indonesia starting from 2nd April 2020; however, there are exception for the following situation/persons.


Diplomatic visas

Medical & food aid personnel

Sea, air and land transportation crews

Foreigners working on national strategic projects

For these exceptions, you will still be required to follow strict rules as documented in the new regulation. These are:

  1. You must provide a recent health certificate (in English) that acknowledges you are free from the Covid 19 virus.
  2. You must be coming from a country/area that is negative for Covid 19 cases within the last 14 days.
  3. Statement of willingness to enter quarantine for 14 days in facilities provided by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

All other visa types apart from KITAS/KITAP will not be permitted to enter Indonesia – this applies to all nationalities.

Covid 19 | LetsMoveIndonesia

2: Automatic Stay Permit Extension

No matter your nationality or visa type, if your visa has expired is not extendable or you cannot leave the country, you will automatically be granted the stay permit extension. You do not need to visit any immigration office. This applies to all Visit Visas, such as: Visa on arrival (free & paid), Single Entry Visa and Multiple Entry Visa.

Foreigners holding a KITAS/KITAP that has expired and/or cannot be extended will automatically be granted a free of charge emergency stay permit without the need to submit any application to the immigration office.

In previous government regulations it was stated the automatic stay permit extension was for all foreigners who entered Indonesia after 5th February 2020; however, now this date has been revoked and now there is no date restriction for when you entered the country.

3: Extendable Visas

If you possess a visa such as Single Entry, Extendable Visa on Arrival or any form of KITAS/KITAP and you can extend it, you still have to apply for an extension.

If you have a Single Entry Visa or a Visa on Arrival you must extend it as usual. The automatic emergency stay permit is not applicable to cases where you can extend your visa.

Failure to do so, may result in overstay penalties when you leave the country.

4: Previous regulations

All previous regulations are now null and void, the only regulations to follow are those updated in the new regulations dated 2nd April 2020.

5: Leaving Indonesia

If you can leave Indonesia and it is safe to do so, the government still suggests you leave the country. Many countries have closed international boarders, so please check with the immigration authorities of the country you plan to enter.

6: In Summary

If you cannot extend your visa, you will automatically be granted the automatic stay permit. If you can extend your visa, you must. If you can leave the country, it is advisable you do so.

All regulations above will be in effect as of 2nd April 2020 and will be effective until the Covid 19 pandemic status is lifted by the authorized agency.

If you need assistance applying for any visa types or have further questions, feel free to contact the LetsMoveIndonesia team T: 021 300 297 27 E:


Last updated 12:30 27th March 2020

Yet another update from the Immigration office of South Jakarta, this time they have removed point 3 about the date of entry into Indonesia. Point 3 previously stated “Valid only for foreigners who enter Indonesia territory after 5th February”. We have asked the immigration authorities what this means for foreigners and have been advised they are changing the regulations again. We believe that this means they will extend the period of free visas prior the 5th February date.

Covid 19 | LetsMoveIndonesia

We shall await further confirmation and update this thread as soon as we receive more information – So keep checking in for daily updates!

So in Summary, anyone using a Visa on Arrival, Single Entry Visa or Multiple Entry Visa dated 5th February or onwards, does not need to worry about their visa expiring and is granted the automatic free extension. Moving forwards the government is likely extend this period prior to the 5th February date.

If you need any further assistance or advice, please feel free to contact the LetsMoveIndonesia team.


Last Updated 17:00 26th March 2020

The Indonesian Immigration has basically allowed a free for all. If you are staying in Indonesia and you can no longer leave the country you may stay in Indonesia. No need to go to the immigration office, no supporting evidence. They are advising all foreigners to stay indoors and not go outside. As long as you arrived after the 5th of February.

If you arrived before the of February 2020 and your visa expires, you may still apply for an emergency Visa.

Below are an assortment of Facebook posts from foreigners in Indonesia with a reply from an official Immigration representative.

Covid 19 | LetsMoveIndonesia Covid 19 | LetsMoveIndonesia Covid 19 | LetsMoveIndonesia Covid 19 | LetsMoveIndonesia Covid 19 | LetsMoveIndonesia

Last updated 15:05 24th March 2020

As the Covid 19 pandemic continues to ravage throughout the world and countries shut boarders it is becoming increasingly difficult to find reliable information about what people can or cannot do. We will do our best to keep reliable updates on this thread, so please keep checking in and share the information.

Unfortunately, the immigration offices are feeding different information and make changes to regulations daily, therefore it is extremely challenging to decipher what the situation is for each nationality.

On 24th March 2020 we visited the immigration authorities in South Jakarta and received the following information:

Automatic Stay Permit Extension

For foreigners who cannot return to their country due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

  1. Applicants do not need to come by the immigration office to apply
  2. There are no fines
  3. Valid only for foreigners who enter Indonesian territory after 5th February 2020
  4. The Emergency Stay Permit is free of charge

Covid 19 | What is the current situation in Indonesia | LetsMoveIndonesia

The immigration office in South Jakarta has now confirmed this free automatic stay permit extension is applicable for Visa on Arrival, Single Entry (Social Budaya) & Multiple Entry Business Visa. This information was confirmed to us by the Indonesian Immigration Helpdesk.

In addition, the Immigration office of South Jakarta has advised people to contact this number for up to date information: +62 812 9046 9698. Please note this number is for applicants who are foreigners staying in South Jakarta. They also have advised not to visit the immigration offices and contact them directly via telephone or email.

Overall, at this time, if your visa is close to expiration and you can return home, we would suggest this option.

Emergency Residence Permit

For nationalities whose country is locked down or their flights are cancelled leaving Indonesia and it is not possible to leave the country, you may apply for an emergency permit.

To apply for this emergency permit you will need to provide:

  1. Application letter
  2. Passport
  3. Guarantee letter from local sponsor
  4. Copy of flight cancellation (if applicable)

To apply for an emergency permit, you will need to visit your local immigration office; there is no charge from the government for this service – The emergency permit has a validity of 30 days.

Please note that if there are no prohibitions for you to leave the country, you will not be able to apply for the emergency permit.

Notes About Entering Indonesia

Foreign nationals may still enter Indonesia; however, you must apply for a visa such as single entry/multiple entry visa before entering the country. Please note that you shall not be subjected to quarantine as long as you can provide a health certificate/letter from a relevant health authority that shows you are negative to the Covid 19 virus and are in good health condition. Ensure this document is printed and is dated within a few days of your arrival date to Indonesia.

Additionally, visitors/travellers will be denied entry/transit to or via Indonesia if they have travelled to the following countries in the last 14 days: Iran, Italy, Vatican, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Please note that the Visa on arrival, both paid and free is suspended until undefined date for all nationalities.

Stay Permit Renewals

If you have a KITAS of any type, you may still renew it as usual, therefore those with this type of visa do not need to be concerned with the current visa situation.

Applicants applying for Stay permit for collection in another country

If you are in Indonesia already and have applied for a KITAS that needs collection in another country that is on lockdown, you may still change the telex destination; however, you will likely be charged by your visa provider for such changes.

Additionally, as different countries are changing their emergency protocols daily, there is no certainty that the new country will still accept foreigners from entering. We would suggest picking a country that has little or no reported cases of the Covid 19 virus to be on the safe side.

Multiple Entry Visa

If you are using this type of visa and your 60-day validity has almost expired, then we would advise leaving Indonesia to another country that is not on lock down. In addition you can benefit from the free automatic stay permit extension, but please make an inquiry with your local immigration office first.

Single Entry Visa

You may still extend this visa as per usual. If you cannot extend it anymore and cannot leave Indonesia, we would recommend speaking directly to your local Immigration Authority. In addition you can benefit from the free automatic stay permit extension, but please make an inquiry with your local immigration office first.


We shall seek to keep updating this thread with new updates as and when we get them. Please share this thread to help others stay informed.

If you need further advice, please contact us at: or call our office in Jakarta +62 21 300 297 27.

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