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Multiple Entry Business Visa

Multiple Entry Business Visa – Who is it for and what are the benefits?

If you are regularly entering and exiting Indonesia for business purposes, then the Multiple Entry Business Visa is the visa you should be applying for.

This visa allows the applicant to enter Indonesia multiple times throughout the year for business meetings and leisure activities.

Although the number of trips to the country is not limited, the amount of time you may spend here is limited to 60 days which is not renewable during each trip.

We would advise the usage of this visa for building business relationships, attending meetings, seminars, conferences and other business-related activities; as long as it does not include actual employment.

This visa is the most cost-effective visa for those who do not have permanent residency in the country and have no intention of receiving an income.

How to get a Multiple Entry Business Visa

  1. Submit all required documentation: Invitation letter from local company, NPWP (Tax number) of local entity, Company Directors ID, Copy of passport with a minimum validity of 18 months, bank account statement from the sponsor company and a copy of the applicant’s flight itinerary.
  2. Apply for the Telex from the Immigration office in Jakarta
  3. Collect the Visa from the applicant’s choice of overseas Indonesian Embassy office.
  4. You may now enter Indonesia as frequently as you wish with a maximum stay of 60 days per visit.
Multiple Entry Business Visa | LetsMoveIndonesia

Multiple Entry Business Visa – LetsMoveIndonesia

Tips, advice and commonly asked questions

Can I live in Indonesia with this visa?

This visa is designed for people who often enter the country, it is not suitable to work full time or live in Indonesia permanently. If you are caught working in Indonesia with this permit, you will be deported.

I do not have a sponsor, can one be provided?

LetsMoveIndonesia can provide you with a sponsor if you need one.

Which Indonesian Embassy can I collect my visa from?

You can select the country of your preference. If you are already in Indonesia, we would recommend Singapore due to its strategic location, cost of flights and simplicity to travel around.

Are there any additional costs involved apart from your fee?

Our fee excludes flights, travel and any costs related to the picking up of your visa from the Embassy.

When collecting my visa from the foreign Indonesian Embassy should I use a visa agent or can I collect it myself?

The choice is yours. If you use an agent to assist you, there will be a fee involved, however, generally the process is completed much faster. Ultimately, it depends on where you choose to obtain your visa and how much time you have. Different Embassies will vary in their delivery time.

How long does this visa take to complete?

The Multiple Entry Business Visa can be processed between only 2 and 7 days!

Want to get your Multiple entry Visa? Then check out how!

Multiple Entry Business Visa – How to get yours!

Multiple Entry Business Visa - LetsMoveIndonesia

Multiple Entry Business Visa – LetsMoveIndonesia


Foreigner Documents (Scan Colour)

  1. Expatriate passport with minimum 4 blank pages still available with minimum 18 (eighteen) months validity and scanned copy of identification page and cover
  2. Itinerary flight to enter Indonesia

Sponsorship Documents (Scan Colour)

  1. Company’s deed of establishment / Akta perusahaan
  2. Ratification from the Ministry of Law and Human Right of sponsor company / SK Kemenkumham
  3. Business license of sponsor company (SIUP / IP / IUT)
  4. Business domicile of sponsor company
  5. Tax Registration Number of sponsor company (NPWP)
  6. Company Registration Certificate of sponsor company (TDP)
  7. ID Card of the sponsor company PIC (KTP/KITAS)
  8. Bank account statement with minimum balance IDR 20,000,000 or equivalent to USD 1,500 of sponsor company
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