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LetsMoveIndonesia wins the Most Trusted Visa & Legal Agency Indonesia Award

LetsMoveIndonesia wins the Most Trusted Visa & Legal Agency Indonesia Award

On Friday 9th December 2022, LetsMoveIndonesia was thrilled to be nominated and to have won the award for the Most Trusted Visa & Legal Agency in Indonesia in an event at the San Pacific Hotel Thamrin Jakarta, hosted and presented by the Indonesia Awards Magazine.

For the second year in a row LetsMoveIndonesia has been nominated for a prestigious award and for the second year running, we have been the undisputed winner beating off competition from every other agency in the country.

The event itself was a wonderful night, hosted superbly and professionally by the Indonesia Awards Magazine whereby the celebrations for the best of the best was on show and it was great to see so many pioneers and industry leaders in attendance.

It is nights like these, we like to reflect on how we got to be in this position and how we have developed and grown since 2016.

LetsMoveIndonesia wins the Most Trusted Visa & Legal Agency Indonesia Award

About LetsMoveIndonesia – Indonesia’s Most Trusted Visa & Legal Agency

Since our inception, we have always had one simple dream, to improve expatriate services across Indonesia and make Indonesia a safer place for foreigners to travel, work and do business.

Our founder Gary Joy has worked tirelessly to lead by example and to improve our industry and it is plain as day that without his market leading, professional mindset, Indonesia expatriate services would still be miles behind where they are now.

Gary’s vision back in 2015 prior to setting up LetsMoveIndonesia was to introduce pricing transparency into an industry that was contaminated by corruption, greed and unprofessionalism. As an expatriate himself, he had previously worked with variety of agents for his property, visa and legal needs and thankfully for Indonesia, he took it upon himself to improve expatriate services across the country.

Since officially launching in 2016, LetsMoveIndonesia has been responsible for a variety of firsts including:

First expatriate agency in a mall for customer convenience

First agency to offer fixed real estate fees

First agency to transparently advertise service prices

First agency to apply non-negotiable pricing structure – The service fees advertised are fixed

First agency in Bali to have 3 offices across the island in Seminyak, Sanur & Canggu

First agency to offer services at pre-covid prices saving foreigners collectively billions of Rupiah

First agency to win The Best Visa & Business Consultancy Award by the National Award Foundation

First agency to be selected as the official immigration and legal partner of Indonesia’s most complete expatriate platform – Social Expat

First agency to win the Most Trusted Visa & Legal Agency Indonesia Award

First and only agency expatriate news outlets call the Most Trusted Agency in Indonesia

LetsMoveIndonesia wins the Most Trusted Visa & Legal Agency Indonesia Award

Gary Joy accepts the award on behalf of LetsMoveIndonesia

Why did LetsMoveIndonesia win the Most Trusted Visa & Legal Agency in Indonesia Award?

The Indonesia Awards Magazine highlighted a number of factors why we were awarded the title of Most Trusted Agency, as follows:

1. Price Transparency

Unlike our competitors, we believe in transparency and charging the same for services for all nationalities and businesses. Unfortunately, our predecessors and competitors prefer to charge differently based on sales targets or how much they can make from you.

Whilst sometimes prices are outside of our control, we do our best to ensure every nationality pays exactly the same, wherever they are in the country.

At LetsMoveIndonesia, we despise unethical practices and do our best to continue single handedly improving our industry, by promoting ethical and honest values.

Our competitors may hate us for being transparent, but thankfully many of them are forced to follow our lead – ensuring a safer industry for foreigners.

2. Most Cost-Effective National Agency

LetsMoveIndonesia is the most cost-effective national agency and the only agency that implements fixed pricing across services in different geographic locations.

3. Market Leaders of industry

LetsMoveIndonesia is the market leading agency and sets the tone across the country. News, services, products, prices, articles, website content is repeatedly copied and plagiarized by competitors. LetsMoveIndonesia sets the pricing across the country, the rest simply follow.

4. Factual

LetsMoveIndonesia doesn’t make false claims. When researching candidates, the awards committee found most visa agents (particularly in Bali) made false claims about their offices, longevity, staff and expertise.

With so many untrustworthy agencies in Bali, it is important to work with one that knows what they are doing and is competent to do the job professionally.

5. Most Popular Agency in Indonesia

We are lucky to be trusted by thousands of people every year dating back to 2016. We are the most referred agency in the country.

6. Longevity Breeds Trust

When working with a visa agency, picking one that has history is extremely important. One thing that many overlook is that your agent is responsible for maintaining your visa and ensuring your sponsorship is taken care of.

Most agents close within 1 year, such is the competitive nature of the industry. People using agencies other than LetsMoveIndonesia run the risk of losing important documents, incurring heavy fines or losing their sponsorship.

LetsMoveIndonesia wins the Most Trusted Visa & Legal Agency Indonesia Award

LetsMoveIndonesia is the Most Trusted Visa & Legal Agency in Indonesia

We are really proud to have been given another award and we would like to thank the awards committee for selecting us and the thousands of people that have trusted us to handle their needs over the last 7 years.

We couldn’t be Indonesia’s Most Trusted Agency without you.

Next year promises to be huge with many more plans to come, so keep following, supporting and interacting with us, we cannot wait to get started with 2023!

Have a question, need advice or need assistance with your visa or legal needs? Then contact Indonesia’s Most Trusted Agency – LetsMoveIndonesia. WA: +62 811 1286 948, T: +62 21 300 297 27 (Jakarta) T: +62 361 934 8343 (Seminyak) T: +62 361 939 9406 (Canggu), T: +62 361 280 789, E:

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LetsMoveIndonesia wins best Visa & Business Consultancy Award Indonesia

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