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The LetsMoveIndonesia December Sales!

We don’t know about you, but to us at LetsMoveIndonesia, 2019 has flown by faster than Santa’s sleigh on Christmas morning! This year we have been extremely busy busy elves adding new services, improving the old and focusing on making the Visa and Company Establishment procedures even easier. We look forward to 2020 and hope…

Registering a Trademark in Indonesia – How to Protect Your Business

In this article LetsMoveIndonesia’s Legal Expert Mega Rizkiani explains to us the meaning of a Trademark, the advantages of having a Trademark, the process involved in obtaining one and Mega examines one of the most well-known Trademark disputes in Indonesia, which involved global furniture brand IKEA & explains what really happened during this famous spat….

How to set up a business in Indonesia

Are you thinking about starting a business in Indonesia, but have no idea how or what your options are? Then check out this useful article with LetsMoveIndonesia’s Company Establishment Specialist – Mega Rizkiani In this article Mega answers some of the most common questions related to starting a business and gives her hints and tips…