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Business in Jakarta: How to Start A PMA in Jakarta

For many foreigners and International businesses, opening up a business in Jakarta is a very prosperous opportunity and a must when looking to the future of doing business in Asia.

With Jakarta being one of the most famous and populated cities in South East Asia and its growing GDP, Jakarta is no longer a city that can be ignored by business professionals and international businesses.

With so much information on the internet and legal agencies all vying for your attention, it may seem quite confusing where to obtain real information and where to find a legal team that you can trust – which is why it is important to contact LetsMoveIndonesia.

Our legal team has decades of combined experience and our founder, British Expatriate Gary Joy, has done more to improve expatriate services in Indonesia than anyone else! LetsMoveIndonesia is responsible for price standardisation across the country and the first and only national agency to transparently advertise our prices to ensure a safer place to do business.

With the lowest PMA registration price of all national agencies, it’s no wonder why more people choose to work with us than anyone else!

Therefore, in this article, we answer your common questions about how to start a PMA in Jakarta!

What is a PMA?

A PMA or PT PMA is a foreign-owned company with up to 100% foreign shares and is registered under the law of Indonesia.

Are all business fields open for foreign investment?

Unfortunately, not all business fields are open for foreign investment and there are numerous that are for local investment, whether wholly or partially.

Most general business fields are available for foreigners, but to be sure, contact the LetsMoveIndonesia team and we can research your business field to ensure it can be foreign-owned.

Requirements to Start a PMA in Jakarta

To create a PMA, you need to have at least two foreign shareholders.

There is a minimum investment of to start a PMA of 10 Billion Rupiah. Some industries, however, may vary in terms of investment value.

Other requirements to start a PMA in Jakarta include an office address and a lease agreement. You may require ID and contact details of company directors and commissioners.

investment capital may seem quite daunting for small businesses and start-ups. Therefore, if this is something that concerns you, then speak to our team for solutions and options.

Who is eligible to make a PMA company registration in Jakarta

Any Foreign entity can register a PMA company in Jakarta if you reach the basic requirements and investment capital.

What are the advantages of registering a PMA?

To register a business in Indonesia as a foreigner, you must register a PMA if you want to be a shareholder.

The advantages of registering a PMA over a local company (PT) include the:

  • Full shares and the ability to manage your business
  • Ability to open bank accounts and make invoices
  • Obtain Investor KITAS or investor/s and sponsor other visas for foreign staff

Can I get an investor in KITAS if I set up a PMA?

Yes,  if you set up a PMA and register yourself as a shareholder of the Company. Investors must have a minimum amount of shares. Find out more about the Investor KITAS here!

Are there any other types of business entities in Jakarta?

Essentially, there are 2 additional business types in Indonesia, which are:

PT: A PT is a local entity for Indonesians.

Representative Office: This is a business entity for foreign businesses and individuals looking to do market research within Indonesia with no investment. This business field does not allow the company to earn any income.


For all things related to registering a business in Bali, check out our Company Registration Jakarta Page!

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