The New E-Visa Everything You Need to Know
The New E-Visa Everything You Need to Know | LetsMoveIndonesia

The New E-Visa Everything You Need to Know

The E-Visa in Indonesia is finally here! LetsMoveIndonesia investigates what this means, why it was implemented, how this effects new applications and we answer some of your most common questions!

Introducing the E-Visa

Following several countries that have implemented an electronic visa system, the Indonesian government has now also implemented the Electronic Visa (E-Visa) to ease the visa process and make it easier than ever before! The online system rolled out in October 2020 and is already proving to be a great improvement on the old system.

After the issuance of several policies related to the temporary prohibition of foreigners from entering Indonesian territory, the government is now easing the visa restrictions for several visa applications. Currently, the visa granting is limited to Visitor Visa (index B211A, B211B, B211C) and Temporary Stay Visas.

Stated on the new updated regulation number 26 Year 2020 dated 1st October 2020 from the Ministry of Law and Human Right of the Republic of Indonesia, foreign nationals holding a legal and valid visa and/or stay permit will be allowed to enter Indonesian territory through designated Immigration Border Controls after undergoing the health protocol.

Meanwhile, the Minister still suspends to grant a Visa on Arrival and Visa Exemption temporarily until the Covid 19 status is declared over by the Ministry or the national related agency.

Conversely, one Visitor Visa is still allowed, which is the Single Entry Visa, for purposes such as, emergency and essential work, a business meeting, purchase of goods, a probationary period for foreign workers, a medical, food, and humanitarian aid worker, and a crew member who joins the vessel in Indonesia.

Single Entry Business Visa Indonesia

For the Temporary Stay Visa application, the government allows for the following purposes:

  • as a professional or expert
  • who joins to work on ships, on vessels, or installations operating in the Indonesian maritime zone, territorial sea, continental shelf, and Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone
  • whose job is quality control of goods or products
  • who conducts workplace inspections and audit
  • whose work with an aftersales service
  • who installs and repairs machine
  • with a non-permanent work in constructions
  • with a probationary period for skilled works.
  • a foreign investment
  • a family reunion
  • retirement travel.

The application for Visit Visa and Temporary Stay Visa mentioned above technically has to be made by the Indonesian Sponsor to the Director General of Immigration (DGI). After getting the approval, the visa can be issued electronically as e-Visa.

Additionally, this e-Visa is also applicable for foreigners who are currently staying in Indonesia (commonly known as Onshore application). Once your e-Visa is granted, you must proceed to the designated immigration office in the area you reside.

How does this effect foreigners obtaining visas overseas?

The E-Visa Indonesia is a visa transformation from a visa label/sticker on foreign national passport to an electronic form being sent via email. The applicant will not be required anymore to collect the visa in person at the Indonesian embassy or representative abroad.

What is the benefit of the E-Visa

  1. Visa will be sent to your email, as well to the sponsor’s.
  2. You will not be required to collect the visa at the Indonesian Embassy or Representative Overseas
  3. You will not meet the officer while applying for the visa
  4. Once the e-Visa is granted, you can travel to Indonesia

The New E-Visa Everything You Need to Know | LetsMoveIndonesia

Common questions

Do I still need to pay Indonesian Embassy fees?

Since this system has been implemented, you no longer need to pay fees at the Indonesian embassy, because by having an electronic visa, you can now travel directly to Indonesia.

However, there are fees appear in advance while the Sponsor is processing the visa approval for you. USD 50 is payable for Visit Visa application and USD 150 is charged on applying for Temporary Stay Visa.

An important note, technically after your Sponsor has made an online application, they will receive a billing statement, whether it is USD50 or USD150, which is valid for 7 (seven) calendar days only. Once you have settled, the payment is non-refundable. Please note that if you have made any mistakes your application will be rejected and your money will be forfeited – therefore it is vitally important you ensure every single document is correct. If you are unsure – use an agent.

The DGI will verify your documents and soon notify you/the sponsor by an email regarding the approval or rejection. If you are approved, you will be granted by e-Visa and can directly travel to Indonesia.

Is this a permanent change or temporary?

The Indonesian government has commenced the system testing of electronic visa applications and it looks like this new system is still in the experimental stage while looking at further developments.

What documents do I need to enter Indonesia?

  • a sponsor letter;
  • foreign national’s passport biodata page;
  • tickets for entering/exiting the Indonesian territory;
  • Bank passbook/current account (specific for Visitor Visa it is required for Sponsors to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds of at least US$10,000 to support the foreign nationals living expenses during stay in Indonesia.
  • a health certificate in English declaring a free from Covid-19 by a competent authority at their home country;
  • a declaration letter in English consenting to mandatory self-isolation or undertake a medical treatment at an accommodation or a designated health facility by the Indonesian government at the traveler’s own expense when a PCR check upon arrival by the health authority at ports of entry results in a positive with the Covid-19 or with symptoms in accordance with the health protocol and provisions of law and regulations.
  • a consent letter to be monitored during the quarantine or self-isolation in accordance with the health protocol and provisions of law and regulations.
  • health insurance or travel insurance covering medical expenses, and/or a declaration letter of medical treatment at own expenses, if contracted with the Covid-19 during their stay in Indonesia.

If I am making an application overseas, how do I pay the Indonesian Government official fees?

Currently, there is no online payment method, it needs to be done in person manually. Therefore, an agent, friend, colleague or family member will need to assist you.

The New E-Visa Everything You Need to Know | LetsMoveIndonesia

The New E-Visa Everything You Need to Know | LetsMoveIndonesia

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