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2022 Bali Visas Recap – LetsMoveIndonesia

As Bali opened its gates for foreign visitors in 2022, it will come as no surprise that that the numbers of tourists entering Bali rapidly increased compared to tourist numbers in 2021. From January-November 2022, the number of foreign tourist visits to Bali reached 1.7 million people. The increase in the number of foreign tourist

Jakarta Company Registration: Setup a PT in Jakarta

If you are planning to set up a PT in Jakarta, but don’t know where to start, then check out our short guide here. With so many business opportunities available in Jakarta due to its forever expanding population and tech-savvy young population, there are always new business ventures available for businesspeople and entrepreneurs. The PT

Business in Jakarta: How to Start A PMA in Jakarta

For many foreigners and International businesses, opening up a business in Jakarta is a very prosperous opportunity and a must when looking to the future of doing business in Asia. With Jakarta being one of the most famous and populated cities in South East Asia and its growing GDP, Jakarta is no longer a city

The Do and Don’ts While Opening a Business in Bali

If you are planning to open a business in Bali, then it can be fraught with mistakes, problems and costly errors. Many of these issues arise from not using LetsMoveIndonesia and using less experienced non-professional competitors; therefore, if you want to ensure you don’t make any mistakes when opening a business in Bali, then LetsMoveIndonesia

Bali Business: License for Selling Alcohol in Bali

If you are planning on operating a business in Bali that sells or brews alcoholic beverages then you are required to obtain an alcohol license.  Running a bar, club or restaurant is seen by many as a dream vocation and with LetsMoveIndonesia, we can help turn that dream into a reality.  Indonesia alcohol licensing laws

Company Registration: Opening A Business in Bali  

Running a business in Bali could be one of the most exciting and momentous moments in your life. With a plethora of interesting business opportunities available, a creative hub of inspiration and a recurring exchange of foreigners entering and exiting frequently, opening a business in Bali is filled with potential business opportunities for those brave

How to Setup A Virtual Office in Bali

For those planning on registering a business in Bali, one important factor you cannot overlook is that in order to legally operate within Indonesia, you must have an office address registered. Without the office address, you will be unable to register your company, open bank accounts or apply for any licences. To some new businesses,

Indonesia Visa on Arrival for Australian Citizens

Indonesia has been one of the most popular destinations for Australians citizens in terms of tourism. Many concerns have been raising due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak and immigration to other countries has come under scrutiny. The question of how Australians can enter Indonesia during the coronavirus outbreak is one of the main concerns. The

How to Identify A Fake Visa Agent in Indonesia

As the Immigration authorities in Indonesia are still unable to implement the government’s mandatory request from December 2021 to ensure visa agencies are legitimate to process your visa application in Indonesia, this has allowed fake visa agencies to continue practising immigration advice and subsequently, delivering questionable and sometimes fraudulent business activities. The Indonesian Government asked

Indonesia Visa: Indonesia Visas for Australia

Indonesia is a popular holiday destination for Australians, hosting over a million visitors from down under every year. The pandemic has caused a dip in tourist numbers, but the Indonesia Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy expects a gradual return to pre-Covid levels. Indonesia is known for its luxury resorts, wellness facilities, and cultural attractions