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Being your own boss is a dream for many, but being your own boss in Bali, is a level up. Get your business up and running with the help of Bali’s Most Trusted Agency.

Ricko A.F. Astono
(Legal & Tax Consultant)

Jessica Rahayu
(Visa Consultant)

Ricko A.F. Astono
(Legal & Tax Consultant)

Jessica Rahayu
(Visa Consultant)

Bali Company Registration

Since opening our first Bali office in 2020, factually, no one has had a bigger impact on ensuring Bali is a safe place to do business than LetsMoveIndonesia.

As the first agency in Bali to transparently advertise our Bali company registration prices, prior to us, our predecessors were charging anywhere between 50,000,000 – 100,000,000 to help you register a company. Our price is significantly lower and by transparently advertising and standardizing the price, we have single handedly ensured foreigners and business professionals do not get ripped off.

Our legal advisors are located in all of our offices in Seminyak, Canggu & Sanur and collectively assist dozens of individuals and international organisations every single month register their companies in Bali.

At LetsMoveIndonesia, we offer a variety of services to get your business off the ground or running smoothly including company registration, legal licensing, trademark registration, tax and accounting, virtual offices and a whole lot more!

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Why get your Bali Company Registration from LetsMoveIndonesia

A 2 Minute Guide to Company Registration in Bali

Setup a PT in Bali

If you are an Indonesian citizen and looking to register a local company in Bali, then welcome to Company Registration Bali – The home of Company Registration, underwritten by Bali’s best and brightest Legal Agency – LetsMoveIndonesia.

A PT is a local company intended for Indonesian citizens to obtain a business license. The paid-up capital is significantly lower than that set for a foreign owned company and is by far the most popular type of business entity in Indonesia.

Some business fields in Indonesia are restricted either partly or wholly from investing in certain sectors, therefore for foreign investors looking to invest in some business fields, they may need to work with local partners under the local company registration. To find out more about how to register a PT contact LetsMoveIndonesia for your free consultation.

Register a Foreign Owned Company in Bali

If you are a foreign investor looking to make a foreign owned company in Bali for business purposes then you can register legal entities under what is known as a PMA.

The PMA requires a minimum investment or 10,000,000,000 IDR and minimum paid up capital applies. There are many legal requirements involved in setting up a PMA, however, don’t be put off by the investment capital, LetsMoveIndonesia is here to offer solutions via our experienced team.

Please note, that some business fields have a maximum foreign ownership, so not every business field is 100% available for foreign ownership. LetsMoveIndonesia can guide you through what these are and how this may affect your business plan.

Some of Our Most Popular Bali Company Registration Services

PT Company Registration

Register your local business hassle-free in 2 weeks with our PT Registration!

Price starts from

IDR 17.000.000

20 Working days

PMA Company Registration

Get full control of your Indonesian business with PMA!

Price starts from

IDR 30.000.000

20 Working days

Virtual Office

Enhance your business image with a prestigious office address in the  area of Bali.

Price starts from

IDR 5.500.000

- Working days

Research Market Entry in Bali with a Representative Office

For some entrepreneurs or international businesses looking to do market research in Indonesia, the Representative office is a great low risk, low-cost solution, whereby no capital investment is required. It is relatively simple to setup, only taking a matter of a few stress-free days.

As this business entity is for market research, please note that no income can be generated. To find out more about Bali Representative Offices, check out our guide here!

Why Bali is a Great Place to Do Business

Bali may be a relatively small island in the grand scheme of global business hubs, but what it does offer is a unique work environment where exciting and new concepts happen regularly, yet in a fun, relaxed environment.

The creative energy in Bali from digital nomads and entrepreneurs can be felt throughout the island and with the Covid pandemic finally drawing to an end, there has been a very quick upturn in activity and excitement. Tourist numbers are rapidly rising and with that new business opportunities.

Once you register a business you can start operating legally, provide visas for investors, employees and people visiting, obtain a bank account and start living the dream!

Registering a business in Bali may turn out to be one of the best things you can do, but before you get started, ensure you speak with the LetsMoveIndonesia team, so we can assess your business idea and ensure it complies with Indonesian laws and regulations.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you need a physical address to register a business in Indonesia. You can choose between renting a place for your business or even rent a virtual office depending on your business classification or needs.

It’s highly suggested to register a company if you are going to establish a business in Jakarta. If you’d like to know more about everything you need to setup a company in Jakarta, our experienced legal advisor will gladly help you through until your company can be fully setup and running. It is as simple as filling the form below.

Prices for company registration vary depending on what type of legal entity you plan to register and also the industry, as some companies require different licenses. For full information, I am happy to advise.

You can do company registration in Bali for 1 to 1.5 month.

As an investor of a PMA, you are eligible to get an Investor KITAS, which is more convenient than a Working KITAS due to optional 2-year validity and its cost effectiveness. Additionally, if you are the owner of a PMA, you have more control over your business and less risk.

A virtual office gives businesses a physical address and office-related services without the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff.

How the Company Registration Process Works

Step 1

Book a free consultation by phone, video call or in one of our offices.

Step 2

We will listen to you individual requirements and provide the best solution to your business needs.

Step 3

Collect documentation and process.

Step 4

Provide you with the company registration documents.

Step 5

Free consultation with our tax and visa team for your next steps.

Want to see all our legal services?

Check out our Company Establishment page

Jessica Rahayu
(Visa Consultant)

Ricko A.F. Astono
(Legal & Tax Consultant)

Magelina Pieters
(Tax Consultant)

Frequently asked questions

PT or a Limited Liability Company is intended for an Indonesian citizen that is willing to start a business in Bali and register their business as a company.

PMA is intended for a Foreign that is willing to start a business in Bali and register their business as a company through Foreign Investment. As a PMA you could have up to 100% ownership of the Company.

Initially, if you are a foreigner who wants to have more control over your business, PMA is more suggested.

With Representative Office, you can conduct market research before registering a company in Bali.

Yes. To start a business in Jakarta whether as a Limited Liability Company or Foreign Company (PMA), you will require a physical local address within the country. You can choose to rent an office or have your own office.

Yes. With PMA, you can fully or partially own your Business in Jakarta.

Bali Company Registration News

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If you are planning on operating a business in Bali that sells or brews alcoholic beverages then you are required to obtain an alcohol license.  Running a bar, club or restaurant is seen by many as a dream vocation and with LetsMoveIndonesia, we can help turn that dream into a reality.  Indonesia alcohol licensing laws…

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For those planning on registering a business in Bali, one important factor you cannot overlook is that in order to legally operate within Indonesia, you must have an office address registered. Without the office address, you will be unable to register your company, open bank accounts or apply for any licences. To some new businesses,…

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