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Jakarta Visa: Visa to Work in Jakarta

If you are a foreigner who plans to work in Jakarta, you need to understand what visa you need to obtain that allows you to create a work permit to work in Indonesia. In addition, Immigration Law in Indonesia also tends to change over time, so being informed with accurate information should be a primary concern for employers and employees.

As Indonesia’s most trusted visa agency, LetsMoveIndonesia makes sure to share up-to-date information on all visa-related matters. Check out our comprehensive guide to understand the different working visas you can use to legally and safely work in Jakarta.

Working from Jakarta as Foreigner

When thinking about moving to Jakarta, it is highly expected that you have found a job before your departure. Most foreigners who work in Jakarta are sent by their companies to work at the branches or are investors who are about to set up a business in Jakarta. Having a reason before your departure would give you enough time to apply for the appropriate visa and work permit.

Initially, you can use two visa types to pursue work in Jakarta. These visas differ according to the purpose; either it is for an employee who is transferred or starting to work for a company in Jakarta or a business owner who establishes a company in Indonesia.

Working KITAS

This working visa is especially intended for foreigners who are going to work in Indonesia. The Working KITAS allows permit validity of 6 or 12 months depending on job and employment length. The length of validity will be approved by the Ministry of Manpower, in accordance with the job title.

With this visa, a foreigner can actively work and generate an income in Indonesia. You will require a sponsor from an eligible company that has obtained the permit to employ a foreigner (IMTA). This visa is highly recommended if you are employed within Indonesia.

  1. Requirements to Obtain Working KITAS:
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the expatriate
  3. Certificate of degree graduated
  4. Expatriate passport with minimum 4 blank pages still available with minimum 18 (eighteen) months validity and scanned copy of identification page and cover
  5. Photograph of the expatriate, size 4 cm x 6 cm: 2 pieces, red background, format .jpeg, and;
  6. Letter of Domicile from the Building Management or house/apartment rental Agreement Letter – signed by the house/apartment owner

The Working KITAS will also require you to provide certain documents from the chosen sponsor. To learn more about Working KITAS, you can check out this article The Working KITAS.

Investor KITAS

If you are a foreign investor, you should consider securing an Indonesian Investor KITAS.

One of the major benefits of an Investor KITAS is the ease of application. Investors no longer need to wait for months to start working after their initial investment. Moreover, foreign investors who want to invest in Indonesia no longer have to pay the work permit mandatory fund of US$1200 per year, which essentially saves the bearer a fortune each year.

Regarding the benefits written above, the Investor KITAS has become quite appealing to many, who find it an attractive option when investing in the country.

To learn more about the requirements to apply for Investor Visa, kindly refer to this article Investor KITAS – Everything You Need To Know!

Working Visa vs Working Permit

People often confuse KITAS/ITAS (temporary stay permits) with Indonesian work permits. KITAS/ITAS refer to the stay permit, and RPTKA Approval is the work permit that details specific tasks, job titles, and length of employment for foreign workers.

Get Your Working Visa with LetsMoveIndonesia

As the leading visa agency in Jakarta and Bali, LetsMoveIndonesia has years of experience handling tens of thousands of visas and visa extensions. LetsMoveIndonesia is proud to be the number 1 expatriate agency in Indonesia and was awarded the title “Best Visa & Business Consultancy in Indonesia” by the National Awards Foundation for our tireless dedication to promoting ethical values.

We are active and keeping ourselves in touch with the most recent updates about visa regulations to ensure our clients have a smooth and optimized experience throughout their Jakarta visa journey.

We aim to provide the best services and are factually the most cost-effective national agency in the country. Learn more about us here! To apply or to ask questions, please use the contact details or simply fill in the contact form below: WA: +62 812 9260 0590, T: +62 21 300 297 27 (Jakarta) T: +62 361 934 8343 (Seminyak) T: +62 361 939 9406 (Canggu), T: +62 361 280 789 (Sanur), E-mail:

For all things Jakarta Visa, check out our dedicated Jakarta Visa page! 

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