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Annual Tax Reporting

Annual Tax, specifically in Indonesia, is tax that needs to be paid every year to the tax authority in Indonesia, which is the Directorate General of Tax.

The subjects that are inclined to file the tax report to the tax authority in Indonesia are both individuals as well as corporates that must acquire Tax ID (NPWP) or receive income through profits such as wages, dividends, revenues, and other source of income.

In order to process the Annual Tax Report to the tax authority in Indonesia, first you need to register yourself as an individual, or the company that is subjected to comply with the Annual Tax to the Directorate General of Tax.

The registration will require a series of documents to be submitted, bearing in mind the frequent and sudden changes to tax regulations in Indonesia.

Please note that it is compulsory for the individuals and corporates to file the tax report to the Indonesian Tax Authority, which is required by the applicable Indonesian Law.

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Common questions

When is the deadline to process the Annual Tax to the Indonesia Tax Authority?

The deadline for the Individual Annual Tax would be on the 31st March every year. For the Corporate Annual Tax, it will be on 30th April every year.

Can you submit your tax report past the deadline?

Yes, you can apply for an extension of deadline for the tax report by notifying the Directorate General of Tax beforehand.

What happens when you’re late on submitting your report past the deadline and are there any exceptions to not file an Annual Tax Report?

You will be charged 2% monthly interest on the payable tax, and also charged with an administrative fee of Rp.100.000 for individual tax, and Rp.1.000.000 for corporate tax.

An individual that will only be staying for less than 183 days in Indonesia, within the taxable year, is not obligated to file the Annual Tax Report.

What if you’re leaving Indonesia? What would happen to the obligation of reporting the Annual Tax?

If you’re only leaving Indonesia temporarily, you are still obligated to file the Annual Tax Report. However, if you’re leaving Indonesia permanently, you need to notify the Indonesian Tax Authority regarding your departure and your cancellation of your Tax ID (NPWP).

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