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How To Get a Jakarta Visa on Arrival

Indonesian authorities have slowly begun to accept multiple nationalities to enter Jakarta using the Visa on Arrival (VOA) scheme since the beginning of 2022. In total, there are 86 nationalities that may use the Visa on Arrival to enter Jakarta. Before the pandemic, Indonesia provisioned access to Free Visas for around 169 nationalities. This scheme

Jakarta Visa: Visa to Work in Jakarta

If you are a foreigner who plans to work in Jakarta, you need to understand what visa you need to obtain that allows you to create a work permit to work in Indonesia. In addition, Immigration Law in Indonesia also tends to change over time, so being informed with accurate information should be a primary

A Guide to Get The Jakarta Visa for Indians

Due to the pandemic, policies about entry into and transit throughout Indonesia have vastly changed. Multiple regulations have been made and removed in the span of a few years, which affects the requirements foreigners need to fulfil in order to enter Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia. When it comes to Indonesia, many regard the

The Jakarta Multiple Entry Visa – How to get yours!

Every business person and entrepreneur who needs to complete their activities in Southeast Asia should understand how important it is to maintain a close relationship with their local partners. The demand for frequent business trips to Jakarta makes a Single Entry Visa no longer a viable option. As of 23rd November 2022, the Government has

The Multiple Entry Business Visa (MEBV) to enter Indonesia is back!

The Multiple Entry Business Visa (MEBV) to enter Indonesia is back!

On 23rd September 2022, the Director General of Immigration signed an official circular (see below) advising that the multiple entry business visa (MEBV) was now available again, however, it wasn’t until 23rd November 2022 the visa was available again on immigration systems to apply. The Multiple Entry Business Visa (MEBV) is one of Indonesia’s most

Bali Visa on Arrival 2022 Complete Guide

In 2020 the Bali Visa on Arrival (VOA) was revoked by Indonesian Immigration Authorities in a bid to restrict the free movement of people and the spreading of Covid 19. This had a disastrous effect on the tourist destination of Bali, leaving many without jobs, income or hope. At the beginning of 2022, authorities slowly

Bali Visa for Australians – Everything You Need To Know

This article will tell you all about the most popular Bali Visa for Australian options. Facts are facts, Bali is a holiday hot spot for Australians and the most common overseas holiday destination from down under. Before the pandemic, Bali hosted over a million Aussies every year! Bali’s what you call a lavish getaway, a

Guide To Bali Visa for UK Citizens

If you are from the UK and planning a trip to Bali either for holiday or work purposes, you need to start considering, “What visa do I need to get for my trip”. Things have changed a lot since pre-Covid. It also affected the regulations for applying for a visa. So in this article, LetsMoveIndonesia

A Complete Guide to Get Bali Visa for Indians

  With over 17,500 islands spread across Indonesia, Bali remains one of the most popular islands in Indonesia in terms of tourism and business opportunities. This beautiful island is the most popular in our archipelago and becomes one of the best destinations for Indian citizens to enjoy their holiday. At LetsMoveIndonesia, we help thousands of

Electronic Visa on Arrival (eVOA) now available for 26 nationalities

Electronic Visa on Arrival (eVOA) now available for 26 nationalities

On 5th November 2022, Indonesian immigration authorities announced that the Visa on Arrival was now possible to obtain online prior to entering Indonesia. The news that the electronic Visa on Arrival (eVOA) is now possible directly to Indonesian authorities is great news for travellers entering Indonesia who can essentially skip the VOA queue when they