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On 29th October 2021, LetsMoveInonesia was awarded the title "Best Visa & Business Consultancy in Indonesia" by the National Award Foundation

LetsMoveIndonesia wins the Best Visa & Business Consultancy in Indonesia Award

On October 29th October, LetsMoveIndonesia was officially awarded the title “Best Visa & Business Consultancy in Indonesia” by the independent voting committee – The National Awards Foundation, for our tireless efforts to improve the expatriate industry and for being the market leaders in what we do.

Of course, we are extremely thrilled to have been given the recognition for being the best in our field and would like to thank all of our customers who have supported us over the last 5 years.

Why was LetsMoveIndonesia voted the best visa consultancy in the country?

  1. LetsMoveIndonesia has been servicing customers since 2016 and has offices in Kuningan Jakarta – The Jakarta Visa Centre, Seminyak Bali – The Bali Visa Centre and Canggu Bali – The Canggu Visa Clinic.
  2. We were the first agency in Indonesia to promote ethical values and transparently advertise our prices. We are the only national agency that advertises our prices openly, encouraging a safer and more professional marketplace for expatriates to do business in Indonesia.

Single Entry Business Visa Indonesia

  1. During the Covid pandemic, LetsMoveIndonesia was the first agency in the country to offer the Single Entry Business Visa at pre Covid prices. Whilst every other agency in the country tried to exploit the situation, we were the only visa agency striving to introduce ethical values. Since then, every agent across the country copied our lead, but, our actions forever changed the market and collectively saved foreigners billions of rupiah.
  2. LetsMoveIndonesia has the most strategic offices in the country. We focus on customer convenience. Need to meet us, have a question or want to put faces to the names – our Visa Centres and clinics all support walk in guests.
  3. Ask the expert: LetsMoveIndonesia was the first visa agency in Indonesia to introduce a weekly ask the expert section across our social media platforms. This interactive experience allows people to ask us any questions they have and since implementation, we have answered thousands of questions.
  4. Our trendsetting mentality: Due to our dedication to promote positive change and implement Indonesia firsts, we are copied daily by agencies throughout the country. Whether it is our prices, our office locations, our social media content, or even our article and website content, whatever LetsMoveIndonesia does, the rest quickly follow. Our goal isn’t to be like any other agency, but to be the best.

We couldn’t be the best visa consultancy in Indonesia without our amazing team whose dedication to improving expatriate services and leading the industry by exemplary behaviour, has made us the most famous agency in the country.

The question is no longer, which is the best agency to partner with for Immigration, Legal, or Tax needs, it has quickly become “why would you use anybody else?”.

We are LetsMoveIndonesia – Indonesia’s Most Trusted Agency and independently voted Best Visa & Business Consultancy in the country.

Need assistance with your Visa, Company Registration or Tax needs? You know who to call: WA: +62 811 1286 948 T: +62 21 300 297 27 (Jakarta) T: +62 361 934 8343 (Seminyak Bali) T: +62 361 939 9406 (Canggu Bali) E:

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