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Whether you are an individual or an international business looking to expand, then welcome to company registration Indonesia; underwritten by Indonesia’s premiere agency – LetsMoveIndonesia.

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Ervan Wardhana
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Indonesia Company Registration

If you are planning to register a company in Indonesia, but confused by the rules and regulations, then welcome to Company Registration Indonesia, underwritten by the Market Leading Agency in the country – LetsMoveIndonesia.

Setting up a business in any country can be challenging and Indonesia is no exception. Rules and regulations can change fairly frequently meaning you need a reliable and experienced partner who can service your needs holistically, allowing you to focus on what is important – Your business.

There are a number of different business entities available to both locals and internationals, such as PT (Local business entity), PMA (Foreign owned entity) and representative office (for businesses in Indonesia with the sole purpose of research). To understand which is right for you, then contact our team for a free consultation.

Apart from Company Registration we offer a variety of other services to service your needs including, immigration & visa services, tax & Accounting, legal licensing, trademark registration and a plethora of other legal services.

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Quick Guide to Company Registration Indonesia

Legal Entity Category in Indonesia

If you are an entrepreneur or looking to make a business in Indonesia, then you will be pleased to know that the Indonesian market is a burgeoning place for both foreign owned companies, as well as local companies.

There are multiple options for making a limited liability company, which include: Representative office for foreign investors looking to do market research without risk of investment, a foreign owned company, known as a PMA which allows foreign investors to legally become foreign shareholders; and finally a local company, known as a PT which is made up of local shareholders.

Each Indonesian company entity has to report to the local tax office annually and report business activities annually.

Foreign Owned Companies in Indonesia

There are 2 types of foreign ownership companies in Indonesia as follows:

PMA: The PMA is a foreign investment company which consists of foreign investors. There must be a minimum of 2 shareholders, a company name and minimum investment and paid up capital is mandatory. Please note that not all foreign companies can register as a PMA as some business activities may only be carried out by a local company. To find out which business licences are unavailable for foreign direct investment, ensure you speak with our legal team.

Representative Office: This business entity has an extremely easy registration process, whereby primarily you just need to provide a company name, advise of foreign investors, as well as provide the business field and office location. It allows foreign companies to have a foreign employee/s without the risk of financial investment. This entity does not allow any income to be generated.

Some of Our Most Popular Indonesia Company Registration Services

PT Company Registration

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PMA Company Registration

Get full control of your Indonesian business with PMA!

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Virtual Office

Enhance your business image with a prestigious office address in the  area of Bali.

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How to Register a Perseroan Terbatas (PT) in Indonesia

To register a PT Company (local company) in Indonesia you will need a company name, business field, investment capital, office address. You may have a local director or a foreign director depending on the business activity and the amount of investment. Please note that all investors in a PT must be Indonesian.

Unlike the PMA, the PT is an Indonesian company, it is not restricted by business fields and may operate in any business sector it wishes. As with any business entity, it has to report annually to the local tax office for annual tax reporting.

How to Start a Business in Indonesia as a Foreigner

If you want to make a foreign investment company in Indonesia, get a company registration certificate, start trading, hire foreign employee/s, get a corporate bank account, then contact the LetsMoveIndonesia team to get started.

As The Most Trusted Agency in Indonesia, we help dozens of foreigners get their businesses registered every single month. Our Legal team has a variety of expertise and all our offices have qualified tax accountants on hand to offer advice for your future commitments. We offer FREE consultations for all legal and tax matters, so feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to advise!

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Frequently asked questions

The shareholder candidates should have valid identification; valid passports/IDs for a person, and valid company registration documentation for a company. If you’re going to register a Foreign Fully-Owned PMA you need at least two Foreign Entity (can be in form of a Person or Company) to be Shareholders. If you are going to register a Foreign Partially-Owned PMA you need at least one Foreign Entity and One Indonesians Entity.

Ultimately, you cannot register a company without the help of legal advisors. There are many steps in registering a company that requires you thorough assistance from a professional legal advisor. Our legal expert will gladly help with your questions about registering a company. Contact us for more information.

PT is 100% registered to local ownership, while with PMA, foreigners can have full ownership and have the same rights and responsibilities as local companies.

The company registration will take around 1 to 1.5 months

A foreigner can either choose to build an individual company or find a local partner from Jakarta. Our Legal expert has an explanation regarding the benefits in doing company registration here.

Registering a PT will require local shareholders who have a valid Identity Card (KTP) and a valid Tax ID number (NPWP).

About Representative Office in Indonesia

The Representative Office is a foreign company, that is intended to be used for market research within Indonesia. This business entity is quite popular as it allows foreign business to operate within Indonesia without making any financial commitments.

All Representative office are registered with the local government and have a registry number. As the business does not receive any annual income, there is no need to file annual tax reports to the local tax office, but file zero tax reporting.  

Representative Offices allow for foreign employees to be stationed within Indonesia, however, they may not receive any income within the country.

Why Register a Company in Indonesia

Indonesia truly holds so much potential for both local and foreign entrepreneurs. Whether it is the growing economy, natural resources, rapidly expanding young middle class, geographical point of interest or simply the potential, it is hard to overlook Indonesia as one of the hottest places to grow your business reputation on the global stage.

Every year, more international businesses join the medley and competitiveness for quality services and providers increases. Optimism in the country is rife and with a young, expanding workforce, manpower is one of its greatest assets.

Within 10 years, Indonesia has been touted to be one of the biggest players io the global stage and with the largest population in South East Asia, it is no surprise the GDP was almost 3 times that of Singapore in 2021 and continuing to grow!

How the Company Registration Process Works

Step 1

Book a free consultation by phone, video call or in one of our offices.

Step 2

We will listen to you individual requirements and provide the best solution to your business needs.

Step 3

Collect documentation and process.

Step 4

Provide you with the company registration documents.

Step 5

Free consultation with our tax and visa team for your next steps.

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Frequently asked questions

A Representative Office is a branch of the overseas parent company as the first step for investors who want to enter the local market. You will need it when you’re still unsettled in setting up a company in Jakarta and aim to do marketing activities in order to prepare to establish a PT PMA or for market research.

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As a Limited liability company (PT) you should only have a Local as the owner(s) of the Company.
But as a PT you still can hire Foreign to work for the Company with certain requirement(s).

A paid-up capital is the amount of money a company has received from shareholders in exchange for shares of stock.

As a shareholder of a Foreign investment company, you will have to sign a capital statement of sufficient funds for the capital requirements.

You can only setup a company bank in Indonesia after you are legally registered as a Company in Indonesia to make it easier to control your business cash flows.

Yes. With PMA, you can fully or partially own your Business in Jakarta

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