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Retirement KITAS

Retirement KITAS – Who is it for and what are the benefits?

Retiring on an exotic island surrounded by sun, sea and sand is a dream for many people. Indonesia is a stunning archipelago comprising of thousands of islands all with their very own character and charm. Therefore, it is no wonder why every year, people decide to enjoy their retirement years on one of Indonesia’s paradise islands.

To obtain a retirement visa, the process is relatively simple and the requirements are fairly straightforward. The main requirement is age, whereby you must be at least 55 years old to apply.

Once you have obtained your Retirement Visa, there are a multitude of benefits, which include:

Entering and exiting the country freely

The ability to lease land

Allowed to open a bank account

What requirements do I need, in order for me to obtain a Retirement KITAS?

As well as being above 55 years old, you will also need to:

Have no plans to work in Indonesia

Obtain valid life and health insurance

Sign a lease agreement for 1 year

Hire a maid or domestic helper

Provide proof of funds either by pension or deposit to a minimum value of $18,000 USD per year / $1500 USD per month.

Currently, most countries are entitled to apply for a retirement visa with the exception of: Afghanistan, Guinea, Israel, North Korea, Cameroon, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria and Somalia.

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Tips, advice and commonly asked questions

How long does a Retirement Visa last for?

The retirement visa has a duration of 1 year.

Is there a maximum number of times I can extend the retirement visa?

Yes, there is. The Retirement KITAS is only extendable for a maximum of 5 times with annual extensions.

Can I apply for a Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP)

You can apply for a KITAP, however you will need to have obtained a Retirement Visa for the previous 5 years.

To process the initial visa, will I have to visit an Indonesian Embassy? If so where?

Up until October 2020, it was mandatory for all visas to be collected from an Indonesian Embassy overseas, however, now the Indonesian’s Immigration Authorities can offer Electronic Visas (E-Visas).

Check out the link before to find everything you need to know about the E-Visa!

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If we are a couple and we both want to retire in Indonesia, do we both need to apply for a retirement visa?

The simple answer is no. If one of you applies for a retirement visa, the spouse can apply for a dependant visa.

The retirement visa requires quite a lot of supporting documentation and not all people can provide it. Therefore, we would recommend applying for one retirement visa and one dependant visa.

Can I bring my children with me?

You can bring children with you if they are under 18 years old. They will require a dependant visa.

Will I need to pay taxes?

Once you get a retirement KITAS or a dependent KITAS, you will become a resident of Indonesia and will be required to pay the Indonesian Personal Income Tax based upon your global income.



  1. Passport with 18 months remaining validity
  2. Photograph with red background
  3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  4. Life and Health Insurance Policy
  5. Home lease agreement for at least 1 year (signed by the both parties, should mention the owner’s name, address of the rented house, the amount of rent and attach the owner’s KTP)
  6. A Statement/letter to employ an Indonesia maid / helper while living in Indonesia, will not be working / engaging in any business activities, and that you have secured your accommodation
  7. Maid/helper ID card (KTP)
  8. Statement of Pension fund with minimum USD 1,500/month (yearly USD 18,000)
  9. Copy of marriage certificate – if married

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