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Payroll Management

Payroll processing is one of the most challenging parts of running a business and is extremely time consuming for business owners. At LetsMoveIndonesia, we specialize in ensuring your company operates smoothly and stress free, allowing you to focus on making your business grow. 

Our payroll services focus on helping you calculate gross wages, subtract all pertinent withholdings and deductions, print pay slips and prepare all employment tax filings. 

Service Includes: 

Monthly Payroll calculation in accordance with the provision of the Labour Laws
Income Tax article 21 preparation and submission
Salary slip preparation and printing (if required)
Our basic payroll service is for up to 10 employees, for additional employees there will be additional charge of IDR 100.000 / person
Assistance with ad hoc inquiries 

Required Documents 

List of employees data (employee numbers, NPWP, Status permanent/non permanent, marital status, position, grade (if any), Bank account details (number, name of bank, name of beneficiary)
Payroll details including basic salary, monthly allowances, bonus or incentives (if any)
Certificate of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and Kesehatan
List of temporary benefits
List of allowances (if any)
List of reimbursements (if any)
List of load deductions (if any)
Additional documents may be requested 

Fully inclusive Tax & Accountancy Packages

LetsMoveIndonesia is proud to offer a variety of exclusive Tax & Accountancy packages to ensure your business operates smoothly at a cost-effective price. To find out more about our packages, Click Here!

Have a question about our Tax & Accountancy services? Then contact the LetsMoveIndonesia team for your free 1-hour consultation T: 021 300 297 27 E: or visit us in the LetsMoveIndonesia office, located in The Bellagio Mall, Mega Kuningan – The only walk in Agency in Jakarta! 

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