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Monthly Tax Reporting

Tax matters in Indonesia can be quite complicated, time consuming and frustrating due to the vast amount of laws, regulations and grey areas that govern it; however, if you are a long term resident, a business owner or working within Indonesia, you will need to understand your tax obligations.

One surprising factor new business owners encounter when they open a business in Indonesia is that, not only do they need to do annual tax reporting, but also monthly reporting. This can be extremely costly and should be a consideration for all new business owners when you register your business.

Monthly Tax Reporting l LetsMoveIndonesia

When should you start your tax reporting?

Once you have established a business in Indonesia you have to register as a taxpayer. You will get a tax ID number / tax registration number (NPWP), tax relief certificate (SKT), and taxable VAT entity confirmation number (SPPKP) – which is additional, if your business has a gross revenue more than 4.8 billion IDR in a year.

Once you have a NPWP and SKT, you are obliged to calculate, pay, and file the report to the Indonesia Tax Authority.

Many new businesses believe that because they are not earning any money or earning a profit, that they are exempt from tax reporting; however, you are still obliged to file a report with zero tax.

Please note that if you do not keep on top of your taxes, you could well be at risk or financial penalties, surcharges as well as (in extreme cases) imprisonment.

When to file?

Corporate Tax reporting should be filed by the 20th of the following month and tax payments should be made the 15th of the following month.

Fully inclusive Tax Packages

To make your life simpler, LetsMoveIndonesia offers fully serviced packages to ensure your business operates smoothly. The All Inclusive Package takes care of your Monthly and Annual Reporting and saves you lots time, stress and money! To find out more details about the All Inclusive Package, Click Here!

Want to know more about taxes in Indonesia? Then check out our useful guide!

Tax in Indonesia – Your Most Common Questions Answered!

If you need to know more or would like us to help with your tax reporting or other tax matters, then contact the LetsMoveIndonesia team.

Our experienced team has years of tax experience and can help with your monthly & yearly tax reporting, individual tax reporting, as well as your payroll and accountancy needs.

Make your life easier and let Jakarta’s Most Trusted Agency assist you.

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