Guide To Bali Visa for UK Citizens

Guide To Bali Visa for UK Citizens

If you are from the UK and planning a trip to Bali either for holiday or work purposes, you need to start considering, “What visa do I need to get for my trip”. Things have changed a lot since pre-Covid. It also affected the regulations for applying for a visa. So in this article, LetsMoveIndonesia will answer your most common questions regarding Bali Visas for UK citizens. We will also advise on the different visa types and requirements that will ensure your trip is hassle-free.

An additional note of Interest: Our founder Gary Joy is a British expatriate from Bournemouth, Dorset and has been living in Indonesia since 2012.

Since its launching back in 2016, LetsMoveIndonesia has been the market leader of visa services in Indonesia and has become the most popular agency for UK citizens that need a Bali Visa. Gary’s dedication to improving expatriate services is the reason we help more United Kingdom citizens than any other agency in the country.

Do I need a visa for Bali / for Indonesia?

Before Covid 19, citizens from the United Kingdom could go to Bali using a visa exemption which allowed them to spend 30 days in the country; however, during Covid 19 the borders were closed and the only way into the country was by using a Single Entry Visa or a KITAS.

At the beginning of 2022, The paid Visa on Arrival Scheme allows UK citizens to enter Bali using this method. The paid Visa on Arrival cost US$35 / 500,000 IDR which can be paid upon arrival or online before departure at the Indonesian immigration website Molina. Click here for the link.

Visa on Arrival (VOA) – Stay in Bali for up to 60 days

For UK citizens that opt for this type of visa to enter Bali, once paying the initial US$35 / 500,000 IDR fee, they can spend 30 days within Bali and can be extended through VOA extension which is available from LetsMoveIndonesia. To find out more about the VOA Extension for Bali, check out our page here: Visa on Arrival Extension

Please note that if you overstay a Visa on Arrival, there is a penalty of 1,000,000 IDR per day, so it is really important to extend your visa before it expires. We recommend giving us your passport 14 days before its 30 days expiration. Additionally, a Visa on Arrival does not allow foreigners to extend beyond 60 days or apply for any other visa type whilst in Indonesia; therefore, if you plan to stay longer, we recommend a different type.

To find out more about the Visa on Arrival Scheme, check out our article: The Indonesia Visa on Arrival 2022 – Everything you need to know!

Bali Single Entry Visa

This Visa is the highly favoured visa type for UK citizens that plan to spend more than 60 days within Indonesia. There are 2 types of this visa, namely Single Entry Tourist Visas & Single Entry Business Visas.

This visa requires pre-application before entering Indonesia but does allow foreigners to spend up to 180 days within Indonesia at a time. This visa is renewable, so if 180 days still isn’t enough to take in all the sights, you can apply for a new one onshore! To apply for yours Contact us here!

How the Bali Single Entry Visa works

When you arrive in Indonesia using this visa, you have an initial visa for a period of 60 days. If you would like to spend longer you can extend it by a further 60 days, 2 times, potentially giving you up to 180 days to stay in Bali.

If you choose to travel to other parts of Indonesia you may just remember to keep an eye on your visa expiration date and make sure you extend it with plenty of time. At LetsMoveIndonesia we have 3 offices in Bali, (Seminyak, Sanur and Canggu) as well as our head office in Kuningan Jakarta where we can help extend it for you.

Check out our Single Entry Visa pages to find out everything you need to know!

Business Visa for Bali

A business visa is a Bali Visa that allows UK citizens to enter Bali for a business meeting, training, workshop or seminar related for 60 days in Bali. Be in mind that this type of visa is not available for commercial use (anything transactional or money-generating.)

Generally, Business Visa for Bali is the same as the Single Entry Bali Visa discussed above with the same visa lengths and visa extensions. The only difference is that this one is for business professionals whose sole purpose for travelling to Indonesia is for business meetings.

Additional Bali Visas for UK Citizens

Indonesia is very flexible in offering visas for foreigners to live in Bali and there are several long terms visa options known as temporary stay permits (KITAS) and permanent stay permits (KITAP). These visas are rather complex, however, if you are interested to know more, kindly contact us and we will be happy to help.

Apply For A Bali Visa With LetsMoveIndonesia

LetsMoveIndonesia has been the pioneer agency in Bali and we assist thousands of UK Citizens with their Bali Visas every year. Our multiple office locations are filled with expert visa staff and we are proud to have the most competitive service fee of any national visa agency in the country.

We are the official immigration partner for Social Expat, one of Indonesia’s most popular expatriate news and events platforms, and have won the award of Best Visa and Business Consultancy in Indonesia from the National Award Foundation.

To find out further about Bali Visas, check out our Bali Visas page or contact us using any of the contact details here: WA: +62 812 9260 0590, T: +62 21 300 297 27 (Jakarta) T: +62 361 934 8343 (Seminyak) T: +62 361 939 9406 (Canggu), T: +62 361 280 789 (Sanur), E:

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