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Everything you need to know about the current visa situation in Indonesia | LetsMoveIndonesia

Everything you need to know about the current visa situation in Indonesia

Visa processes in Indonesia over the few months have been extremely confusing, however, finally, it would appear we are returning to a period of stability in terms of what visas are available and what the processes are.

In this article we answer your most common questions about the current visa situation – what has changed, what visas are available and any hints and tips worth knowing during this period of change.

What is the current situation?

News update 23rd January – Since the beginning of January 2021, no foreigners have been able to enter Indonesia unless they have a valid KITAS/KITAP. Initially the lockdown period was until the 14th January; however it was extended till 28th January and then again until 8th February.

On 8th February, new regulations were put into place allowing foreigners to enter Indonesia again if they have official visas/status to enter Indonesia – as per the list below:

  1. Official Visa
  2. Diplomatic Visa
  3. Visitor Visa (Single Entry Visa)
  4. VITAS – Temporary Residence Visa
  5. KITAS – Official Residence Permit
  6. Diplomatic Residence Permit
  7. Temporary Residence Permit
  8. Permanent Residence Permit (ITAP)
  9. Active Crew Members (Registered)
  10. APEC Business Travel Card
  11. Border Crossers (Dwellers)
  12. Based on bilateral agreement on travel corridor arrangements (TCA)
  13. Been granted an approval letter from competent authorities

Onshore Visas may still be obtained; however, it is still not possible to apply for new offshore visas at the time of writing this article. Hopefully, the system will be back to normal again shortly.

To read the full article about the current lockdown, check out the link below:

Indonesian Immigration – Who Can Currently Enter? 

***Information below applies to previous updates ***

I am in Indonesia still using the emergency permit, what should I do?

If you are still in Indonesia using the emergency permit, you need to convert it to another visa type immediately. The government has provided plenty of opportunities to do so. Please note that you will be fined 1,000,000 IDR per day for every day overdue.

Can I apply for visas onshore? 

Yes you can, visa processes are relatively the same

What visas are available at this time to enter Indonesia?

Simply put, most visa options are available right now. The most important question is; which ones can you not use.

Currently all visa options are available except: Visa on Arrival & the Multiple Entry Business Visa.

When will Indonesia open its borders so there is free travel again?

This question we do not know, it will be the decision of the Indonesian Immigration Authorities. We assume somewhere in Q1 2021; however, that is just a guess.

Can I apply for a visa overseas?

Of course. Processing times, prices and requirements vary depending on what type of visa you require.

I am from a calling visa country, can I enter Indonesia?

On 23rd November 2020, Immigration Authorities opened up the application of Calling Visa citizens. Check out the article below for full information:

Calling Visa citizens can now enter Indonesia

I want to visit Indonesia for a holiday/to see family/partner, how can I get to Indonesia?

Right now, the only way to visit Indonesia without a KITAS is to apply for a Sponsored Single Entry Visa. LetsMoveIndonesia is the most cost effective provider in the country currently. To learn more about the Sponsored Single Entry Visa, check out the link below!

Get your Single Entry Business Visa and Enter Indonesia | LetsMoveIndonesia

What is the E-Visa and how does this effect obtaining a visa to visit Indonesia?

The E-Visa is a new initiative from the Immigration Authorities introduced in October 2020 to simplify the visa process as well as help reduce the risk of contaminating Covid.

Prior to the E-Visa, when people applied for a visa they had to collect what was known as a telex from an Indonesian Embassy overseas. This created unnecessary travel and expenses.

The E-Visa has streamlined the process. Now the application is done online and the visa is simply sent via email to the applicant who can print it and enter Indonesia.

To find out more about the E-Visa, check out the link below!

The New E-Visa Everything You Need to Know | LetsMoveIndonesia

Have more questions or need to know more? Then contact our friendly team! T: 021 300 297 27 E:

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