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Calling Visa Citizens – Now able to enter Indonesia | LetsMoveIndonesia

Calling Visa Citizens – Now able to enter Indonesia

On 23rd November 2020, The Indonesia Immigration Authorities made it possible for Calling Visa citizens to enter Indonesia using the E-Visa application.

In this article we roughly translate the update from the official Immigration Instagram page and explain what this development means for citizens from the following countries: Afghanistan, Guinea, Israel, North Korea, Cameroon, Liberia, Nigeria & Somalia.

“Jakarta (22/11) – Government of Republic of Indonesia through Ditjen Immigration Kemenkumham began to open electronic visa service (E-Visa) for foreigners who are categorized under the Calling Visa. This service was terminated during the Covid-19 pandemic period and reopens Monday (23/11).  

Public Relation Head and General of Immigration Arvin Gumilang explains that the trial of reopening the service was completed on Friday (20/11). Foreign guarantees from subject state calling visa can apply via .  

“Service Trials have been completed and the E-Visa for Calling Visa nationals is available for the following purposes: family unification, business, investment, and working”.

Calling Visa Citizens – Now able to enter Indonesia | LetsMoveIndonesia


Arvin added, applicants can upload application documents via the website.

The reopening of Calling Visa nationals is because many experts and investors from countries calling visa play a vital role in the development of Indonesia, as well as accommodating the human rights of mixed married couples.  

The government has said 8 countries calling visa are applicable to this new update, which include:  

  1. Afghanistan 
  2. Guinea  
  3. Israel  
  4. North Korea  
  5. Cameroon  
  6. Liberia  
  7. Nigeria  
  8. Somalia

Why are some countries categorized as Calling Visa?

“Calling Visa states are countries whose conditions or circumstances is considered to have a certain level of vulnerability, reviewed from ideological, political, economic, social, cultural, defence and security concerns of the country, and immigration,” Arvin said.  

To process Calling Visa applications, strict examinations are undertaken concerning each individual; whereby a team of the below authorities will inspect every applicant:

  1. Ministry of Law and Human Rights  
  2. Home Ministry  
  3. Foreign Ministry  
  4. Ministry of Labor  
  5. State Police Republic of Indonesia  
  6. Attorney General  
  7. State Intelligence Agency  
  8. Indonesian National Armey Strategic Intelligence Agency  
  9. National Narcotics Agency 

“This team will hold a coordinating meeting to assess whether or not someone is worthy of a visa” Arvin’s said”.

Need to apply for a calling Visa? What to do next?

Calling Visas are notoriously difficult to obtain in Indonesia, so if you or someone you know needs help applying for a Calling Visa, feel free to contact the LetsMoveIndonesia team for your free consultation! T: 021 300 297 27 E:

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