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Indonesia Officially Closes Borders For All Foreign Nationals Starting 1st January 2021

Breaking News 18:00 8th February 2021

At 18:00 8th February, Indonesian news outlets announced that the lockdown for foreign nationals entering Indonesia has been extended again until 22nd February to aid in the battle of Covid spreading throughout Indonesia.

The original news stated that the border would be closed for all foreigners, however an official update was made at 00:00 9th February advising the borders would be open for the following visa types/situations:

1. Official Visa
2. Diplomatic Visa
3. Visitor Visa (Single Entry Visa)
4. VITAS – Temporary Residence Visa
5. KITAS – Official Residence Permit
6. Diplomatic Residence Permit
7. Temporary Residence Permit
8. Permanent Residence Permit (ITAP)
9. Active Crew Members (Registered)
10. APEC Business Travel Card
11. Border Crossers (Dwellers)
12. Based on bilateral agreement on travel corridor arrangements (TCA)
13. Been granted an approval letter from competent authorities
This is great news as it means foreigners may now enter Indonesia again! In truly Indonesian style, the news has been extremely dramatic and confusing, but the good news is, the border is open.

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News update 21st January 2021 – Indonesia extends the lockdown for foreigners entering Indonesia again.

On 21st January, immigration authorities confirmed that they will extend the ban on foreigners entering Indonesia until the 8th of February in line with the implementation of restrictions on community activities (PPKM) previously set by the government.

The decision to extend the lockdown was approved by the president of Indonesia after careful consideration due to the increase of new Covid cases throughout the country.

As per the last announcement, foreigners that have valid KITAS & KITAP may still enter the country. If you have applied for a KITAS overseas and have not converted your visa to KITAS, you will still not be able to enter the country.

As always, we will keep you updated as and when we hear new information.

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News update 11th January 2021 – Indonesia extends the lockdown for foreigners entering Indonesia borders. 

On the 11th January, in accordance with the continued increase of Covid throughout the world, Indonesia officially extended the international lockdown for a further 2 weeks until 25th January.

No foreigners may enter unless they have a valid KITAS/KITAP. If you have applied for a KITAS, are overseas and have not validated it yet in Indonesia, you will not be able to enter the country.

28th December 2020

On 28th December 2020 the Indonesia Government made the announcement that all foreign nationals will be banned from entering Indonesia borders – with the exception of KITAS & KITAP holders.

The new ban will be enforced from the 1st January – 14th January 2021; however, this is a preliminary date and we hope that this will not be extended further.  

In recent weeks, Indonesia already banned nationals from the United Kingdom, as well as made additional steps for other foreign nationals due to the mutation of the Covid virus that has surfaced in a number of countries around the world.  

Foreigners that plan to enter Indonesia up until the 31st January may still enter, albeit with strict rules such as a negative PCR test dated 2 x 24 hours prior to departure, additional PCR upon entry to Indonesia, as well as a 5-day quarantine at a place provided by the government.  

After quarantine, arrivals will need to take another PCR test, if negative then the foreigner may continue their journey in Indonesia.  

Indonesian nationals may still enter Indonesia and are exempt from the travel ban; but must follow strict protocols to enter the country.  

We would advise anyone planning to visit Indonesia to wait until there is an update regarding the reentry dates before booking flights and making arrangements.  

For all Immigration updates, please follow our social media and we will do our best to ensure clear and comprehensible news as it happens.  

Below is the official announcement (In Indonesian).  

Download Surat Edaran Kasatgas No 4 Tahun 2020

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