Indonesian Passport Holders Immigration Update
Indonesian Passport Update | LetsMoveIndonesia

Indonesian Passport Holders Immigration Update

After being closed due to the Covid 19 outbreak, immigration services at the immigration offices are reopened in all parts of Indonesia, starting on 15th June 2020.

Indonesian’s who would like to get services in the new normal period (new normal) are now required to get a queue number online via online immigration application, name Apapo (Antrean Paspor Online), or through website

To ensure the implementation of immigration services in the new normal period, the Directorate General of Immigration implements the policy set forth in the Director General of Immigration Circular number IMI-GR.01.01-0946 2020. The implementation of this immigration policy also pays attention to the health protocols strictly, to guarantee the health of officers and also the society.

Indonesian Passport Updates | LetsMoveIndonesia

Immigration’s new normal passport services for local Indonesian are including:

1. Apply for a new passport

2. Passport replacement due to expiration

3. Passport replacement due to damage

4. Passport replacement due to lost

5. Change of passport data changes

Service Registration

For new passport applicants and passport changes due to expiration, applicants are required to register through the Online Passport Registration Queue Application contained in Playstore or Appstore.

For lost and damaged passport applicants can come directly to the immigration office with an adjusted quota.

Service Quota

Applicant quota is limited to only 50% of normal quota and the opening of quota on the online passport queue application is on every Friday at 14.00 local time.

Priority Services

For elderly applicants, persons with disabilities and toddlers can come directly without registering through the Passport Online Queue Application.

Indonesian Passport Updates | LetsMoveIndonesia

Health Protocol

To support the application of strict health protocols, applicants who will enter the Immigration Office are required to:

1. Wear a face mask

2. Wash hands

3. Checked body temperature at the office entrance, if the body temperature is obtained more than 37.5 degree Celsius, then it will be refused entry into the immigration office

4. Keep distance from others

5. Comply with the rules in force at the Immigration Office

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