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Indonesia reduces quarantine to 5 days effective immediately | LetsMoveIndonesia

Indonesia reduces quarantine to 5 days effective immediately

On 13th October SATGAS (Satuan Tugas Penanganan Covid 19) released a new updated circular reducing the quarantine period from 8 days to 5 days across Indonesia.

Please note that as with any new announcement there is always an implementation period and a lot of uncertainty as the rules change. There is presently a lot of confusion; we are trying our best to decipher it and provide accurate information. Additionally, please remember – the rules in Indonesia change like the English weather, so expect changes and the unpredictable.

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Please see below the PDF of the official decree. Additionally, LetsMoveIndonesia has made the first unofficial English translation:

SATGAS No. 20 Tahun 2021 New Quarantine Regulations (Indonesian Version)

SATGAS Circular Number 20 year 2021 Concerning Health Protocols For International Traveler During COVID-19_Unofficial English Version

Please see below the highlighted key points translated to English

All ports of entry to Indonesia are subject to 5 days quarantine, reduced from the previous 8 days

All foreigners must be fully vaccinated and must provide a valid visa

Tourist Visa holders (B211A) may only enter via Bali or Riau Province

Tourist Visas (B211A) must have proof of health insurance with a minimum coverage of US$100,000 covering Covid 19, have a valid visa and provide proof of quarantine reservation and payment.

Key points from the official circular:

3. Foreign and Indonesian travellers from overseas must follow the restrictions below:

A. Comply with health protocols by Indonesian Government

B. Show a card of certificate of vaccines complete does, minimum 14 days before departure as a requirement entering Indonesia as follows:

i. Indonesian nationals must show a card or certificate (Physical or Digital) with complete doses. Indonesian travellers who have not received a vaccine, will be vaccinated upon their arrival after receiving 2 times PCR Test with negative result;

ii. It is a mandatory for foreign travellers to provide evidence of complete vaccine doses either by vaccine card or certificate

iii. Exemption for foreigners who have not received any vaccines from overseas, they will be vaccinated upon their arrival in Indonesia after receiving 2 times PCR test with negative result, with the conditions:

  • Children from 12 – 17 years old
  • Diplomatic and official KITAS holder
  • KITAS and KITAP holder

iv. Foreigners who are already in Indonesia and will travel domestically or internationally must be vaccinated by the scheme programme according to the regulations

v. It is mandatory to show vaccine card or certificate as a requirement for entering Indonesian borders with the exception of:

1) Diplomatic or Official visa related with official visit by the government at a ministerial level who enters with scheme Travel Corridor Arrangement.

2) Foreigners who have intension of flying back to their home country with connecting flight domestically, are not required to show vaccines card with the condition they must not leave the airport.

i. Must show the approval from the airport health counter for a connecting flight

ii. Show all the flight details and tickets from the departure to the destination country.

3. International travellers below 18 years old; and

4. International travellers with a special health condition or comorbid disease, who cannot receive any vaccines, must show the letter from the hospital or doctor stating their health conditions.

vi. Vaccine card or Certificate must be in English

C. PCR test negative result with the sample taken 72 hours before departure.

D. Upon arrival, all international travellers will have a PCR test and be subjected to 5 days quarantine

  1. Indonesian Migrant labour; students or government officers who are returning from overseas can enter Indonesia and have quarantine under government expenses at the appointed locations for quarantine.
  2. For Indonesian nationals and foreign nationals with high government level position such as Ministry or Ambassador will be quarantined.

E. Accommodation for quarantine as referred in article d.2 must have a recommendation from Covid Task 19 that meets with the requirement from the Hotel and Restaurant association for cleanliness, health, safety and environment sustainability and the related ministry for health for Jakarta area with a health protocols certificate.

F. The head of Foreign National Representative and family are permitted to self-quarantine for 5 days.

G. RT-PCR with positive result upon arrival, as referred in letter d, will be isolated at the covid facility if they do not show any symptoms and for those with mild symptoms. People with strong symptoms will be hospitalized, for Indonesian’s the expenses cover by the Indonesian government and foreigners will comply medical expenses from their end.

H. Foreigners who are not able to fund their medical expenses will be responsible by the Ministry/Institution/BUMN by providing consideration covering their medical expenses.

I. Indonesian and Foreigners will have a second RT-PCR on the 4th day of their quarantine.

J. For Indonesians and Foreigners that have negative RT-PCR, as referred in letter i are allowed to continue their travel and are suggested to have 14 days self-quarantine.

K. As referred in letter i if the RT-PCR result is positive, they will be subjected for isolation at a Covid 19 facility and for those with strong symptoms will be hospitalized. For Indonesian nationals the expenses will be covered by the Indonesian government and foreigners will comply with medical expenses from their end.

L. RT-PCR test examination as referred to in letter i can be requested for a written comparison by filling out the form provided by the Port Health Office (KKP) or the ministry in charge of health affairs for the Jakarta and surrounding areas with the cost of the examination being borne by the international traveler;

M. The RT-PCR comparison test as referred to in letter i is carried out by the Cipto Mangunkusumo Central General Hospital (RSCM) laboratory, or Gatot Subroto Army Central Hospital (RSAPD), or Bhayangkara Raden Said Sukanto Hospital (RS. Polri), concurrently or simultaneously by the KKP or a laboratory in cooperation with the quarantine accommodation place.

N. KKP International Airports and Seaports facilitate Indonesian citizens or foreigners travelling internationally that need emergency medical services upon arrival in Indonesia in accordance with applicable regulations.

O. Ministries/Institutions/Local Governments that carry out functions related to Indonesian citizens and/or foreign nationals follow up on this Circular Letter by issuing legal instruments that are in line with and do not conflict with referring to this Circular Letter and the provisions of the prevailing laws and regulations; and

P. The legal instrument as referred to in letter o is an inseparable part of this Circular Letter.

4. Quarantine exemption for foreigners with diplomatic, official visa related with official government visits by entering Indonesia under Travel Corridor Arrangement scheme.

5. It is mandatory to have PeduliLindung Application for all travelers.

6. Each operator transport at entry point of the borders must have the Peduli Lindungi application.

7. Supervision of the health quarantine of cargo and crews in accordance with more specific and technical arrangements determined by the Ministry of Health through monitoring by the Port Health Offices of each international travel entry point.

8. International travelers who are foreign nationals with the purpose of tourism can enter the territory of Indonesia with the following conditions:

a) Entry point Bali International airport and Kepulauan Riau;

b) In addition to the provisions showing the card or certificate has received the vaccine and the results are negative RT-PCR, international travellers to tourist destinations are required to show:

i. Valid Visa B211A or other visa by following the immigration regulation

ii. Proof of health insurance with minimum coverage USD. 100,000 and covers for COVID 19

iii. Proof of accommodation reservation payment during stay in Indonesia.

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