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Covid 19 KITAS Update | LetsMoveIndonesia

Expired KITAS/KITAP Holders During The Pandemic, Can Now Enter Indonesia

If your KITAS/KITAP expired during the pandemic, you can now enter Indonesia.

The Indonesian government still imposes travel restrictions for foreign nationals (foreigners) both to and from the territory of Indonesia to reduce the number of positive cases of the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) in the country.

Restrictions on travelers through immigration gates are also still carried out based on the Regulation No. 11 of 2020 from Minister of Law and Human Rights which has taken force since 2nd April 2020 concerning Temporary Prohibitions of Foreigners Entering the Territory of Republic of Indonesia.

However, exceptions are given in several categories such as KITAS/KITAP holders, foreigners holding diplomatic and services visas, medical aid and support staff, humanitarian reasons, transport crews and people who will work on national strategic projects with the approval of the Directorate General of Immigration. But subsequently, the regulation has expanded in the form of Circular Letter No. IMI-GR.01.01-2493 of 2020 which came into effect since 6th May 2020 concerning the procedures for granting entry permits for holders of ITAS/ITAP/IMK (Return Permit/MERP)/Visa Approval/Visa which have expired.

In that Circular, which was signed by the Director General of Immigration, Jhoni Ginting, there were a number of points relating to the procedures for the Immigration officers to give permission for foreigners who were allowed to or were excluded from entering Indonesia.

Covid 19 Updates | LetsMoveIndonesia

This Circular regulates:

a. The procedure for granting entry permits for working or non-working (family union) ITAP holders, whose Entry Permit has expired and are abroad.

b. The procedure for granting entry permits for working and non-working (family union) ITAS holders, which expires and are abroad.

c. The procedure for reactivation through the system of Approval / Telex Visa which expires after the Covid19 pandemic status is declared over by the Authority.

d. The procedure for reactivation through the Visa system which expires after the Covid19 pandemic status is declared over by the Authority.

e. The procedure for granting a working or non-working ITAS/ITAP extension which expires and within Indonesia.

Granting Entry Permission:

1. For working or non-working (family union) ITAS/ITAP holders which expires and are abroad;

2. For working or non-working (family union) ITAP holders, whose Return Permit has been expired;

is given with the following procedures:

a. The Immigration which is in charge of Soekarno Hatta – Jakarta, Juanda – Surabaya, Ngurah Rai – Bali, Kualanamu – Medan, Hang Nadim – Batam, Batam Center – Batam, Citra Tritunas – Batam, are given the authority to grant a Permission Status of Forced Entry (ITKT Entry/ITKT Masuk) in the form of Hexagon Stamp without questioning the validity period of IMKT/ITAS.

b. Immigration Officials input every transaction that provides ITKT Entry that is available in the Crossing Application.

c. This ITKT-Entry granting is not an automatic extension of working/non-working/Investor ITAS or ITAP holders.

Covid 19 | LetsMoveIndonesia

See the full document in Bahasa

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