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Top 10 Best Apartments in Jakarta 2020 (Part 1)

After the success of our 2019 guide about the best real estate in Jakarta, we are delighted to bring you the LetsMoveIndonesia guide for the best apartments in Jakarta to live in 2020!

2019 & 2020 saw a lot of new developments open the doors and premium property options have risen dramatically. Mediocracy is no longer acceptable and in a market that favours the renter – 2020 is a year where you can snap up prime real estate for bargain basement prices.

From our 2019 list, only 2 apartments complexes have retained their place in our Top 10 list and whilst 2019s Top 10 list was good, 2020 has raised the bar.

If you didn’t see who made last year’s list, then check out the article: Click Here!

Please note, we based our top 10 list on apartment facilities, apartment layouts, general upkeep, quality of finish, location, the price, as well as all round wow factor.

So, without further ado and in no particular order, please welcome LetsMoveIndonesia’s Top 10 Apartments to Rent Guide For 2020!

Top 10 Best Apartments in Jakarta 2020 | LetsMoveIndonesia | South Hills

Top 10 Best Apartments in Jakarta 2020 | LetsMoveIndonesia | South Hills

South Hills

Location: Setiabudi

Rather predictably, South Hills makes our top 10 list for 2020 because of its incredible facilities, the quality of finish, the strategic location, as well as the affordable price.

Since its inception in 2019 people have been flocking to live in South Hills and it has made neighbouring apartment complexes look dated and expensive in its wake.

Located in Setiabudi within walking distance of malls, Embassies, offices, restaurants and bars, as well as being strategically placed to access many parts of the city, the location of South Hills is the envy of most apartment complexes in the city.

The facilities of South Hill are what also set it apart from the rest and it boasts a quality gym, sophisticated spa area, cinema, tennis court, BBQ area, snooker room, library as well as a large swimming pool and outside relaxation area.

If you are looking for an apartment with some serious wow factor, then this is the one for you!

There are a variety of unit sizes available:

1 Bedroom: Size 68 SQM. Prices vary between USD 1200 – 1400 / IDR 16,800,000 – 19,600,000

1 + 1 Bedroom: Size 73 SQM. Prices vary between USD 1400 – 1500 / IDR 19,600,000 – 21,000,000

2 Bedroom: Size 87 – 97 SQM. Prices vary between USD 1600 – 2000 / IDR 22,400,000 – 28,000,000

3 Bedroom: Size 143 – 173 SQM. Prices vary between USD 2500 – 2800 / IDR 35,000,000 – 39,500,000

Top 10 Best Apartments in Jakarta 2020 | LetsMoveIndonesia | Ciputra World 2 Jakarta

Top 10 Best Apartments in Jakarta 2020 | LetsMoveIndonesia | Ciputra World 2

Ciputra World 2 (Orchard & The Residence)

Location: Kuningan

Located along Dr Satrio with good access to Sudirman & Semanggi, Ciputra World 2 is in one of the most strategic areas within Jakarta.

Lotte Shopping Avenue and Mega Kuningan are a short walk away and if you enjoy car free day on Jl Sudirman, Ciptura World 2 is a great place to live for easy access.

Although this apartment complex is arguably the least known apartment complex on this list, it boasts some serious perks compared to the rest, including its affordability, the apartment layouts, the views and the quality of finish.

The apartments generally are well furnished, the layout flows well and quality fitted bathrooms and kitchens ensure a level of class throughout.

The facilities overall are good, with the exceptional facility being the sky swimming pool on the 28th floor – which has an incredible view towards SCBD.

If you are looking for a quality apartment in a great location without breaking the bank, Ciputra World 2 is impossible to beat!

1 Bedroom: Size 40 – 53 SQM. Prices vary between USD 1000 – 1100 / IDR 14,000,000 – 15,400,000

1 + 1 Bedroom: Size 64 SQM. Prices vary between USD 1100 – 1200 / IDR 15,400,000 – 16,800,000

2 Bedroom: Size 78 SQM. Prices vary between USD 1300 – 1700 / IDR 18,200,000 – 23,800,000

2 + 1 Bedroom: Size 104 – 112 SQM. Prices vary between USD 1800 – 2000 / IDR 25,200,000 – 28,000,000

3 + 1 Bedroom: Size 144 SQM. Prices vary between USD 2200 – 2500 / IDR 30,800,000 – 35,000,000

Top 10 Best Apartments in Jakarta 2020 | LetsMoveIndonesia | District 8

Top 10 Best Apartments in Jakarta 2020 | LetsMoveIndonesia | District 8

District 8

Location: SCBD

One of only 2 apartment complexes to retain its place in our list from 2019 is District 8 in SCBD.

We love the location of District 8 as it is walking distance to both SCBD & Senopati, as well as being a short walk to Senayan.

The quality of the build in District 8 is fantastic and like South Hills the facilities are exceptional for its price category. Boasting indoor and outside pools, meeting rooms, cinema, extremely classy gym, spa facilities as well as one of the most impressive lobbies you will find in Jakarta; District 8 oozes class.

The apartments all come with a spacious balcony and retain a level of standard throughout due to the developer fitting quality fittings during the build. The occupancy of the building is not particularly high at the time of writing and there are many units available. Flexible payment terms and price negotiations are possible.

1 Bedroom: Size 70 SQM. Prices vary between USD 1600 – 1800

/ IDR 22,400,000 – 25,200,000

2 Bedroom: Size 105 – 153 SQM. Prices vary between USD 2200 – 2800 / IDR 30,800,000 – 39,200,000

3 Bedroom: Size 179 – 228 SQM. Prices vary between USD 3000 – 4000 / IDR 42,000,000 – 56,000,000

4 Bedroom: Size 249 SQM. Prices vary between USD 3800 – 4200 / IDR 53,200,000 – 58,500,000

Top 10 Best Apartments in Jakarta 2020 | LetsMoveIndonesia | Elements

Top 10 Best Apartments in Jakarta 2020 | LetsMoveIndonesia | Elements

The Elements

Location: Kuningan

Another brand-new development that is proving to be particularly popular is The Elements in Kuningan. Elements is the newest apartment complex made by the reliable and well known Sinarmas Group and they have paid particular attention to making this project one of luxury whilst also remaining affordable.

Located in Kuningan next to Epicentrum, The Elements is in a great location for those who like to get outside and walk about. With both Epicentrum and Plaza Festival within short walks away, as well as access to Casablanca, Menteng, Kuningan and of course Rasuna Said; Elements is poised in a strategic location for the modern urbanite.

The facilities are not on the same level as South Hills or District 8; however, it does have everything one would want from quality accommodation. In addition as you would expect from such the prestigious developer Sinarmas, the overall quality of the place from the entrance, the lobbies, the shared areas and the private apartment elevators, all scream of a luxury and consistency – usually reserved for the finest complexes.

The apartments have private elevators, floor to ceiling windows, quality fitted wardrobes and bathrooms and kitchen areas, but we love the spacious balconies, particularly the units that have a retractable windows on the balcony, allowing the owner to use the balcony space as an additional room, such as a reading area or office.

2 Bedroom: Size 72 – 107 SQM. Prices vary between USD 1800 – 2000 / IDR 25,200,000 – 28,000,000

3 Bedroom: Size 119 – 148 SQM. Prices vary between USD 2200 – 2600 / IDR 30,800,000 – 36,400,000

Top 10 Best Apartments in Jakarta 2020 | LetsMoveIndonesia | Shangri-La

Top 10 Best Apartments in Jakarta 2020 | LetsMoveIndonesia | Shangri-La


Location: Sudirman

The only other apartment complex to retain its place in our top 10 list in 2020 is the famous Shangri-La Residence in Sudirman.

The Shangri-La is the king of the Serviced Residences in Jakarta due to its convenient location with good connectivity to Thamrin, Sudirman, Menteng and Kuningan. In addition, the facilities are exceptionally good, with a quality gym, nice pool, herb garden, BBQ and spa facilities. If that wasn’t enough, Shangri-La Residents, may also use the facilities at the Shangri-La hotel, propelling the amenities to an unmatched level in comparison to other serviced apartments!

The apartments themselves are extremely well maintained and all benefit from private elevators, spacious kitchens, large balconies – with exceptional views of the Jakarta skyline and an excellent quality throughout.

Additionally, as this is a serviced residence your bills are already included in your monthly rent and you can also benefit from a daily maid service; ensuring you can enjoy your free time without worrying about bills and cleaning.

2 Bedroom: Size 175 SQM. Prices vary between USD 4850 / IDR 67,900,000

3 Bedroom: Size 230 SQM. Prices vary between USD 6000 / IDR 84,000,000

3 + 1 Bedroom: Size 320 SQM. Prices vary between USD 7000 / IDR 98,000,000


So that is it for part one our list, we hope you enjoyed the article.

Click below to see part 2 and find out who else made our Top 10 list in 2020!

Top 10 Best Apartments in Jakarta 2020 Part 2

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About the author: 

Gary Joy is the CEO & Founder of LetsMoveIndonesia and is the most sought-after property agent for expatriates in Jakarta.

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