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A Guide to Get The Jakarta Visa for Indians

Due to the pandemic, policies about entry into and transit throughout Indonesia have vastly changed. Multiple regulations have been made and removed in the span of a few years, which affects the requirements foreigners need to fulfil in order to enter Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia.

When it comes to Indonesia, many regard the country as a land full of potential and rich culture. Business-wise, Indonesia also has a wide range of diverse resources and a massive workforce with a wide array of opportunities. The Indian community in Indonesia has seen a rapid rise and the number of Indians that choose to work or travel to the country has seen steady growth year after year.

Getting the right Jakarta visa might be one of the most critical steps to landing in and exploring the country. In this article, LetsmoveIndonesia wraps up everything you need to know about how to obtain a Jakarta Visa as an Indian citizen.

Types of Jakarta Visa for Indian Citizens

An Indian citizen may require different types of Jakarta visas depending on the purpose of their visit. Here are the different types of Jakarta visas you can apply for as an Indian citizen:

Jakarta Visa on Arrival

If you would like to enter Jakarta without a pre-planned visa, Jakarta Visa on Arrival is the best choice. This visa is a non-planned visa that foreigners can obtain during their arrival and allows them to stay in Indonesia for 30 days. The Visa on Arrival can be extended for additional 30 days, providing 60 days in total. It costs Indian citizens US$35 or around 500,000 IDR charged upon arrival or prior to arrival through online registration.

To learn how to get Visa on Arrival in Jakarta, you can refer to this article: How to Get Jakarta Visa on Arrival

If you require an extension for your Visa on Arrival, you can extend it using LetsMoveIndonesia. This article tells you how to extend your VOA: Visa on Arrival Extension

Single Entry Visa

The VOA only grants 60 days of stay in Jakarta, whereas The Single Entry Visa provides a longer-term solution. The Single Entry Visa is a Tourist/Business visa that allows the foreigner to spend 60 days in Jakarta. This visa is extendable up to 2 times, each extension 60 days, therefore, allowing the holder to stay in Jakarta for 180 days in total.

There are two options for the Single Entry Visa, namely: the Single Entry Tourist Visa and the Single Entry Business Visa. Both serve different travel purposes according to its name. The Tourist Visa is good for vacation and entertainment purposes, while the Business Visa is commonly used by people who would like to attend seminaries and workshops in Indonesia. The Single Entry Visas both require its application to provide a sponsor letter from an individual or local business.

Click here to understand more about Single Entry Tourist Visa here.

Multiple Entry Business Visa

Starting 23rd November 2022, Indian citizens can now apply for Jakarta Multiple Entry Business Visas that allow them to stay in Indonesia for 1-5 years with the flexibility of travelling outside the country without applying for another visa. Keep in mind that this visa will require its applicants to provide a sponsor letter from a local company within Indonesia and may not be sponsored by individuals. The Multiple Entry Visa only allows the foreigner to spend a maximum of 60 days within Indonesia each time, so foreigners need to enter and exit the country frequently.

To understand more about the recent update from Multiple Entry Business Visa, kindly refer to this article: The Multiple entry Business Visa (MEBV) Is Back.

Temporary Stay Permit (KITAS)

For Indian citizens who would like to prolong their stay in Indonesia with specific purposes and have already obtained sponsorship from an Indonesian entity, KITAS (temporary stay permit) applies to you. There are multiple options for KITAS depending on your purposes, such as Working KITAS, Dependent KITAS, Spouse KITAS, Retirement KITAS, Investor KITAS, Impresario KITAS and Investor KITAS. Each of them has its requirements and processes.

To learn more about different KITAS visas and what you need to know before applying for one, you may check out our Visa Services Page.

How to apply for an Indonesian visa?

LetsMoveIndonesia is proud to be the leader of Visa services. Our agency was awarded the title “Best Visa & Business Consultancy in Indonesia” by the National Awards Foundation for our constant dedication to promoting ethical values. Our goal is to make Indonesia a safer place to travel and do business.

We are active and keep ourselves updated with the most recent updates about visa regulations to ensure our clients have a smooth and optimized experience throughout their Jakarta visa journey.

We aim to provide the best service and have the most cost-effective prices of all the national agencies. Learn more about us here! To apply or to ask questions, please use the contact details or simply fill in the contact form below: WA: +62 812 9260 0590, T: +62 21 300 297 27 (Jakarta) T: +62 361 934 8343 (Seminyak) T: +62 361 939 9406 (Canggu), T: +62 361 280 789 (Sanur), E-mail:

For all things Jakarta Visa, check out our dedicated Jakarta Visa page! 

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