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Working KITAS

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Investor KITAS (2 Years)

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Our Services

Working Visa (KITAS)

If you are planning to live and work in Indonesia, then you must get a working KITAS. This Visa will allow you to work and live in Indonesia for up to one year and is extendable. The working KITAS is the most comprehensive Limited Stay Work Permit.

Dependent Visa (Dependent KITAS)

If you are in Indonesia accompanying a family member that has a working KITAS, then this is the visa for you. This visa is applicable for husbands/wives and children of a primary KITAS holder. Please note that this KITAS does not allow the holder to work.

Spouse Visa (Spouse KITAS)

If you are a foreign national, married to an Indonesian citizen, then you may apply for a Spouse KITAS. This visa is available in two kinds, Limited Stay Permit (1 year) or Permanent Stay Permit (5 years) - once you have been married for two years.

Retirement Visa (Retirement KITAS)

If you are over 55 and have no plans to work in Indonesia, then this is the visa for you. The requirements for this particular visa are quite strict; however, it is a great option for someone that would like to enjoy their retirement in beautiful Indonesia.

Investor Visa (Investor KITAS)

If you are a business owner and have shares in a company, then this is the most cost effective visa. By obtaining an Investor KITAS you will no longer be obliged to pay the DPKK fund; saving yourself a small fortune. Additionally, it is now available for 2 years!

Calling Visa

If you are from the following countries: Afghanistan, Guinea, Israel, North Korea, Cameroon, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia it can be extremely difficult to get a visa in Indonesia. But fear not, our experienced team can help you!

Multiple Entry Visa

If you often visit Indonesia for business purposes, then this is the visa for you. The validity is 12 months and allows you to stay in the country for a maximum of 60 days at a time. No sponsor? no problem, we can provide a company sponsor on your behalf.

Single Entry Visa

If you visit Indonesia for the purpose of official government activities, tourism, sport or business activities and want to make your experience hassle free, then this is a good option for you. The validity is 60 days, with monthly extension options available.

Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP)

If you have plans to live in Indonesia for a long time, then the KITAP is perfect for you. It is commonly used by people who plan to stay in the country indefinitely or are married to an Indonesian spouse; however, can also be used by workers, investors and retires.

Exit Permit Only (EPO) Exit Re-entry Permit (ERP)

If you are planning to leave Indonesia or change employer, then it is mandatory you process an EPO. If you have already left, but forgot to do your EPO, then you can apply for an ERP. Once completed, all your records will be cleared, and you can reapply for a new KITAS (if necessary).

Visa on Arrival Extension (VOA Extension)

If you entered Indonesia using a paid Visa on Arrival (VOA) then you can extend your trip by a further 30 days. Leaving the country is time consuming and expensive, so if you know you will spend more than 30 days in Indonesia, this is a cost-effective option!

Company Establishment

If you are considering making a business in Indonesia, then our experienced team can assist you. Whether you would like to set up a Local Company (PT), International Company (PMA) or a Representative Office, we will guide you through the process.

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