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2022 Bali Visas Recap – LetsMoveIndonesia

As Bali opened its gates for foreign visitors in 2022, it will come as no surprise that that the numbers of tourists entering Bali rapidly increased compared to tourist numbers in 2021.

From January-November 2022, the number of foreign tourist visits to Bali reached 1.7 million people. The increase in the number of foreign tourist visits began in February 2022. This condition shows that the Bali tourism sector is starting to recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

LetsMoveIndonesia summarises the data that displays the increasing visits to Bali within 2022, according to the official recapitulation of Bali Tourism.

Immigration traffic spiked 60.000 times throughout the year

The Immigration Office Class I Ngurah Rai, Sugito, reported that foreign nationals visiting Bali by air transport in 2022 increased more than 60,000 times compared to the number of arrivals in 2021.

Throughout 2022, there were 2,176,004 foreigners arriving at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali.

In November 2022, The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) record displayed a number of visitors from Australia, India, Singapore, the USA, Russia, the UK, Malaysia, South Korea, Germany and France coming to Bali. The data showed that the Singaporeans and Russians contributed the growth of as much as 65.01% & 52.23%, respectively.

Over 280.000 foreigners within Christmas – New Year

The Head of Immigration Office of Class I Ngurah Rai also announced more than 280 thousand foreign nationals (WNA) entered Bali through the Immigration Checkpoint (TPI) of I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport. This data was calculated in the period 1-24 December 2022 alone.

The foreigners’ arrival through the Ngurah Rai Airport TPI reached an average of 14 thousand people per day, and there was an increase in the number of arrivals ahead of the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Over 71.000 Bali visas issuance in 2022

The Indonesian immigration office at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport issued 71,991 stay permits for foreigners in Bali for all of 2022.

Russian nationals accounted for the greatest number of those permitted to remain in Indonesia, with 29,762 people given clearance from the Bali airport. Australians numbered 8,219, German citizens 7,434; while 6,547 French and 6,516 British followed.

Sugito, the head of Bali’s Airport Immigration, reported in a press release to Antara on Tuesday that of the 71,001 stay permits issued at Ngurah Rai Airport Immigration, 43,311 (61%) were visitor visas (ITK), 22,346 (31.4%) extended visitor visas, 3381 (4.8%) temporary stay permits (ITAS), and 410 (0.06%) Permanent Stay Permits (ITAP).

In the year 2022, Ngurah Rai Immigration also issued Indonesian passports to children with dual citizenship and Exit Permits for those holding ITAS or ITAP permits. Additionally, multiple exit-reentry permits were distributed by the Airport Immigration Office. However, no applications were received during the two-month period from November to December when a new “Second Home Visa” was introduced.

Stay compliant with Visa Regulations in Bali

With the vast improvement of tourism in Bali, it is important for travellers to remain compliant with immigration regulations in Indonesia. Having an active visa to enter and stay in Bali is something that every foreign national needs to prioritise before deciding to visit Bali.

Therefore, every foreigner should know the right type of visa to use according to the purpose of entry into Bali. Whether for tourism, business or temporary stay, each requires a different type of Bali visa.

Check out our Bali Visas Page or contact our team for more information about your Bali Visas.

How LetsMoveIndonesia can help with your Bali Visas application

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