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Indonesia Quarantine Recommendation 17th May – How does this effect you?

Indonesia Quarantine Recommendation 17 May – What does it mean?

On 17th May a new recommendation was made by the ministry of health in regard to new Indonesia quarantine regulations for foreigners and Indonesians entering Indonesia.

In this article we break down the key points for foreigners and Indonesians that plan to enter Indonesia according to this recommendation.

***Please note that no official decree has been released yet, this is a recommendation for implementation***

16th June Update – Fortunately, at this point a 14 day mandatory quarantine has still not been put into action. Currently, all nationalities are subject to a 5 day quarantine, with the exception of citizens from the following countries:

Philippines: 14 days quarantine

Pakistan: 14 days quarantine

India: Indian nationals are still not allowed to enter Indonesia.

20th May Update – No official decree has been released as of yet implementing the change of quarantine periods. We contacted multiple hotels from the official quarantine list and they are providing different information about quarantine enforced dates.

Please note, we are doing our best to make sense of the current situation. Information from hotels, airports and government institutions are often conflicting. We will do our best to update this thread with correct information.

Additionally, quarantine information and entry guidelines depending on nationality are confusing at this time, we recommend travellers communicate directly with the airlines, Jakarta International Airport, Indonesian Immigration Authorities and their chosen quarantine hotel.

Key points from of the recommendation 17th May

Please note, that this recommendation does not provide an effective from date, so we cannot be certain when these new rules will be applicable. If and when there is a confirmed date, we shall update this news thread.

1. Indian and South African nationals may not apply for new visas to enter Indonesia. Visa applications are suspended until further notice.

Foreigners that have travelled to India or South Africa in the last 14 days may not enter Indonesian territories.

2.a Quarantine for foreigners travelling from Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Argentina, Turkey, Brazil, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Italy, Singapore, Iran, UK, America, Saudi Arabia is now 14 days.

2.b Indonesian nationals returning to Indonesia from India and South Africa are now subject to 14 days quarantine

3.a Foreigners entering Indonesia with different nationalities from point 1 & 2.a (above) are subject to 5-day quarantine.

3.b Indonesian citizens entering Indonesia from countries not mentioned in points 1 & 2.b (above) are subject to 5 days quarantine, plus individual 14 days quarantine (at home/hotel).

Attached below is the official announcement number SR.03.04/II/1262/2021 from the Ministry of Health (Unfortunately, we do not have an Official English version yet). Points after 3.b are in relation to travelling to other countries for Indonesian citizens, which we have not summarised.

Indonesia Quarantine Announcement 17th May – How does this effect you - Page 2

 At this time, this is the only information we have received and this is our interpretation of the announcement. When further information is received, we shall update this article and social media threads accordingly. Don’t forget to follow our social media pages to stay atop of all Visa related news in Indonesia.

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