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5 things you didn’t know about LetsMoveIndonesia

Everyone already knows that we are Jakarta’s most ethical Real Estate and Relocations agency; but here are five things about LetsMoveIndonesia you probably didn’t know. Cleaning & Security Services We offer cleaning services and security services to a variety of private residences, international businesses and malls. Our cleaners and security team are sourced, trained and

Why rent an apartment, when you can rent a serviced one? | LetsMoveIndonesia

Why rent an apartment, when you can rent a serviced one?

Renting an apartment or house in Jakarta is expensive and once you have paid your rent up front, there is no guarantee the owner will be contactable or help if an emergency situation arises. Added to that, the lack of flexibility from private owners in terms of rental payments is difficult. Lets face it; paying

Top Tips For Relocating Your Pet To or From Indonesia

When moving to a different country, there are many things to contemplate; where will you live? What will the culture be like? How will I learn a new language? The list of things to consider is endless. But one for some, one of the main concerns is how to relocate your pet safely and comfortably.

What is the best investment apartment to buy in Central Jakarta right now?

Buying property as an investment is always a sure-fire way to increase your capital whilst holding onto a strong commodity that has low risk. Jakarta is awash with new developments being constructed but how does one know which one is the best one to buy? Gary Joy from LetsMoveIndonesia gives his opinion on the hottest

Tips and advice for protecting your health when moving to Indonesia

Tips and advice for protecting your health when moving to Indonesia – courtesy of The Good Practice LetsmoveIndonesia is delighted to announce its partnership with Good Practice Clinic. A privately-run Primary Care clinic that focuses on providing expatriates with excellent service and peace of mind. LMI speaks with Steven Graaff, the Director and Founder of

LetsMoveIndonesia’s Top Tips for Relocating to Indonesia

Relocating to any new country can be an unnerving experience, there are many things to worry about and a whole new world awaits you. Getting settled quickly and avoiding common mistakes can really help take away the stress from the experience. Here are LetsMoveIndonesia’s top tips to remember, when moving to Indonesia. Change your expectations

How can LetsMoveIndonesia help you and why should you use us?

The beauty of what we do, is that working with homes, everyone needs one sooner or later. Whether it is to rent, buy or sell, at some point, you will need the services of an agent; so why not use Jakarta’s most ethical and hardworking agency? In May 2017, we also launched our new relocation