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This week LetsMoveIndonesia meets Grace Hakim, Co-Founder of Boutique Office Indonesia in West Jakarta.

Hi Grace thank you for taking the time to speak to us today. I guess we should start at the beginning and find out what exactly Boutique Office does and how did you begin?

Boutique Office Indonesia provides serviced office and business support services on 16th Floor APL Tower, Podomoro City – West Jakarta. We act as a one stop solution for Start-up business, SME (small medium enterprise) and expanding companies. Gregoire Hoyet (co-founder) and I began introducing the concept of serviced office to West Jakarta in the early 2013 when we found that a comfortable, yet hassle free office space while portraying a professional image could be one of the solution for entrepreneurs. The convenience of renting an office with everything at your disposal including desk, phone, receptionist service and even a coffee machine is all possible at Boutique Office Indonesia.

Additional advantages of Boutique Office Indonesia include:

  • Essential saving of management time in setting up, running and maintaining the office
  • Ability to set up an operation and commence trading without distraction within a short time frame
  • Ability to increase or decrease space at short notice without moving
  • No requirement for long lease commitment
  • Access to meeting rooms in both of our locations included as part of the license fee package
  • Overall better business cash flow.


How would you say you are different to the other serviced office providers in Jakarta?

For the most obvious reason, we are different in location. Where most serviced offices are mainly located in the South and Central of Jakarta, we are located in the area of West Jakarta and Cengkareng.

In the customer service industry personalisation is a key element to making your company stand out from the rest. We discovered that being hands-on with our clients has defined our customer service approach. No matter how busy we are running the company, our team members are hands-on with each of our clients attending to their request. We keep evaluating our service from the perspective of the clients. In short we’d like to keep our clients close even those who have relocate to more permanent workspace due to their rapid expansion.


Do you offer any additional services to help people develop their businesses?

Yes absolutely.

Boutique Office Indonesia support our client’s business development by providing services as follow:

  • Virtual Office
  • Meeting Room Hire
  • Company incorporation services (domicile letter)
  • Business Development and Consultancy services
  • Market study and business review
  • Business registration, Trademark & Patent Application
  • Accounting & Taxation consultation and services
  • Business Insurance
  • Brand Communication
  • Graphic Design
  • Website development and hosting services
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media


What is the biggest challenge owning and running a serviced office?

Due to the nature of the service industry, the biggest challenge is to develop a team with a service excellence in mind at all times. Being able to value, respect and accommodate what our clients ask while maintaining the standard of our services. Strong team players are the backbone of any team. When others fail, these are the people who venture on with strong resolve and persistence, committed to getting the job done and most importantly to serve our clients from the hearts. We are fortunate to have a good team members and their support.


What do you attribute Boutiques offices success to?

Working with the right partner, support from an excellent team and having good relationship with our clients


Who is inspiring you currently and what businesses do you think we should look out for in 2016?

IT start up companies and educational platform which promotes learning.

Ecommerce businesses are the one we should look out for in 2016 due to their growth and rapid movement.


What is next for Boutique office Indonesia?

Boutique Office Indonesia is delighted to announce the on-going completion of the 2nd center in 5th Floor Gallery Tower, Cengkareng Business City – soon to be opened for operation in August 2016.

This adds another venue to Boutique Office Indonesia’s expanding portfolio of serviced office space in Indonesia.

If you are looking for office location next to the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport with tailored solutions to give maximum flexibility with the offering of easy move in/out procedures with instant occupancy and minimal set-up costs then please email us for more information:

For full details of all Boutique Office Indonesia’s services please visit


Thank you Grace for taking the time to speak to us. If our readers have any questions or want to know more, what should they do?

They can contact us through our email: or call us +6221 2933 9389. We would be happy to arrange a personal viewing of our centers with the following locations:

16th Floor APL Tower

Podomoro City

Jl Let Jend S. Parman Kav 28

Jakarta – Indonesia


5th Floor Gallery Tower

Cengkareng Business City

Jl Atang Sanjaya

Tangerang – Indonesia

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