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LMI Meets Lena Thong of Marquee Offices

This week LMI meets Lena Thong from serviced office company Marquee and finds out what a serviced office is, what different types there are and why it might it be better to use a serviced office than a conventional office.


LMI: Thank you for taking the time to chat to us today. First things first, what exactly is a serviced office and why is it different to normal office?

LT:  Serviced office is a fully furnished office manage by serviced office provider. With Marquee, it only takes five minutes to set up and our tenants can immediately start their businesses. Office infrastructure such as high-speed internet connection, telephone lines, video conferencing and meeting room facilities are also ready to use. The tenants only need to bring their computers/laptops to start working.

With a normal office ‘usually known as conventional offices’,  clients need to spend extra on capital investment to furnish the office, and build office infrastructure and facilities. In addition, clients need to spend higher on variable costs such as hiring staff as receptionists, office assistants, security, plus there is the added cost of electricity bills, household expenses, etc.


LMI: With so many extra features compared to a regular office is it expensive to have a serviced office?

LT: When compared to a more conventional office space, a serviced office is far more efficient. To keep your work space running, a professionally trained service team is already in place, ready to provide your business with all the basic office services, such as a reception service, IT support, secretarial support and cleaning and security. Not only do you gain significant savings to your business overheads, but you also save valuable management time in lieu of handling staff recruitment and retention issues.

The concept of the serviced office is indeed ideal for a maximum of a 20-person workstation to have effective and efficient costs. If your company has more than 20 employees, it will be too expensive hiring a serviced office for a duration of more than three years.


LMI: What different types of office can you have and what type of office would you recommend for a new company?

LT: We provide a one-person office workstation to a 25-person office workstation. A box office or workstation is available for one person, while a cube office is suitable for a mobile marketer. We recommend both of those types for a new company.


LMI: How many office locations do you have and how do you select where you will have your offices?

LT: Now we have 11 locations. The locations are based on where the demands are.


LMI: What’s the most interesting feature about Marquee offices?

LT: Marquee provides a “one-stop business solution” as all client needs are centered on its premises. Its range of services include serviced office, virtual office, video and or audio conference, meeting facilities and also a conference center with a capacity for 500 people. The conference center is ideal for various purposes, such as product launch, seminars and training.

In addition, Marquee also provides services for Incorporation Company, legal advisory, tax and accounting services, domicile arrangement and more.

You can be assured that, with its motto “one-stop business solution”, Marquee promises the highest service with international standard.


LMI: Marquees expansion to becoming one of Indonesia’s most successful office providers has been exceptional. What is the secret to your success?

LT: I consider myself to have a strong will, persistent and consistent in everything I do. I believe I work hard with dedication to the business. Ultimately I always aim to be number one, as I believe everyone can do so. To remain successful, we need to keep updating to market trends and be flexible to adapt in today’s changing world.


LMI: If we want to get an office from Marquee, what should we do?

LT: Just call (+62 21) 7599 9999 or drop an email to

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