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How to set up a business in Indonesia

How to set up a business in Indonesia | LetsMoveIndonesia

Are you thinking about starting a business in Indonesia, but have no idea how or what your options are? Then check out this useful article with LetsMoveIndonesia’s Company Establishment Specialist – Mega Rizkiani In this article Mega answers some of…

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The LetsMoveIndonesia Free Home Finder Service

LetsMoveIndonesia Free Home Finding Service

Are you looking for a new apartment, home or office and can’t find a reliable agent? Then let Jakarta’s Most Trusted Real Estate & Relocation Agency help. LetsMoveIndonesia is Jakarta’s fastest growing real estate agency, specialising in premium property and…

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Can Expatriates Buy Property in Indonesia?

Can Expatriates Buy Property In Indonesia | LetsMoveIndonesia

With so much confusion and constant changes in Indonesian property laws, information about expatriate ownership is unclear at best. In this article we answer the question, can expatriates buy property in Indonesia. Amidst rumours and whispers, we at LetsMoveIndonesia are…

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