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Sharing is Caring – Get Free Money for Referring Friends to LMI

Sharing is Caring | LetsMoveIndonesia

At LetsMoveIndonesia, we believe sharing is caring. We know that to be a successful agency we need the help and support for all our LetsMovers, so we are proud to offer this exceptional promotion where you can benefit from sharing with us.

Free money for referring friends, family and colleagues!

Sounds too good to be true, yet it is. If you know any one that is looking for an apartments, house or office, to rent or buy, then refer them to us!

If we can successfully find your friends their new home, we will give you 10% of any agent’s commission we receive!

Do you know someone who is looking to sell or rent their apartment? Then refer them to us! If we rent or sell their apartment we will give you 10% of any agent’s commission we receive.

There is no catch, it’s as simple as 123!

We guess you are wondering, why refer friends to us? The answer is simple; LetsMoveIndonesia is dedicated to providing the best service possible. We are an ethical agency and believe in promoting equality and ethical values. Our mission is simple, deliver the best service possible and promote a better market for house hunting within Indonesia.

So, what are you waiting for, refer your friends today to earn yourself free money!

Finding your new home has never been easier!

* This promotion ends 31st August 2017, so act fast.
*Please note that we will pay referrals to the bank account of your choice once we have received full payment from the sale or lease of the property.
*The 10% referral fee will be from the total of the agency fee not the property value. (Referral fee may vary depending on property value and agents fee negotiated between the vendor and LetsMoveIndonesia).
*Each property/client can only be referred one time and the owner of the property or the client must acknowledge you as the referee.
*LetsMoveIndonesia is under no obligation to list every property referred.

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