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Now every man’s home can be a castle, literally! 3D home printers, a thing of the future?

3D Printed Castle | LetsMoveIndonesia

Technology is just getting cooler and cooler every day! It wasn’t that long ago that we were mesmerised by 32-inch widescreen televisions. Now, a puny TV that size belongs in the bathroom at best!

After hearing about China making 10 houses in less than 24 hours using printers, we searched uncle google for some 3D printed inspiration and found this video. A castle made entirely from printing.

This castle took 3 months to build, however in a world where technological changes are limitless, homes of the future could be made substantially faster.

It begs that question; is this the future for the construction industry? As robots take over factories all over the world, it seems plausible this could in fact be the way forward in the future.

Either way, we think it’s super exciting.

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