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8 Extreme Home Design Ideas – “Imagination is the beginning of creation”

marble dressing | Design | LetsMoveIndonesia

“Imagination is the beginning of creation” as some might say, and it is important to promote that ethic in your home. For many, modern design has become very boring, clean, functional and white. But it doesn’t have to be. Find your imagination and feed your creativity.

Here are 8 creative designs the LetsMoveIndonesia team found on the web that got our creative juices flowing!


1.  The Aquarium breakfast bar – Why not utilise this wasted area of you home and make it a stunning feature. Just don’t say “fish and chips” to loudly.

aquarium Kitchen | Design | LetsMoveIndonesia

2. Move over, ‘look at those curves’; 2017 has shown us that straight angular triangles can be just as sexy. Just be sure to wear a helmet at night time. LetsMoveIndonesia accepts no responsibility for triangular decapitations.

Modern bedroom | Design | LetsMoveIndonesia

3. “Romeo, Romeo, where for out my Romeo”? “I’m down here babe watching breaking bad, can you keep the noise down”.
We love the vaulted ceiling, the open platform and floor to ceiling doors that give this space an exceptional wow factor. Perfect for conversations with people in different rooms. A Lazy man’s dream.

Vaulted ceiling | Design | LetsMoveIndonesia

4. If Elsa from Frozen decided to renovate a second home, we are assuming it would look something like this. Stunning contrasts between colour palettes and materials, make this bedroom pop. That fire place and rug are exceptionally inviting, making this room the perfect escape on a rainy Monday.

Rustic bedroom | Design | LetsMoveIndonesia

5. Make bathroom time more fun with this great basketball court concept. Gives the expression “off the rim” an entirely new meaning!

Basketball toilet | Design | LetsMoveIndonesia

6. Our second aquarium inspired piece of design is this beauty. The blue hue the room emits is simply magical. Laying on the sofa looking up at your personal aquarium would be the pista la resistance of any home!

Aquarium Living Room | Design | LetsMoveIndonesia

7. This marble dressing room needs no introduction, it is simply marvellous. You might say there is enough room to share, but if this was in my house, it would be mine, all mine! Mwahahahaha.

Marble Dressing Room | Design | LetsMoveIndonesia

8. Many homeowners make their powder rooms basic and humble, opting to splash out on other areas of the home, but what an amazing surprise you could be hiding. We love how the tribal print in this room creates a mesmerizing effect. True creativity at its finest!

Tribal Bathroom | Design | LetsMoveIndonesia

There you have it, our 8 Extreme Home Ideas. We hope these excited you as much as they did us! We are off to redecorate the office bathroom… Shaq style. Allley-oop.



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