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Covid 19 | What is the current Visa situation in Indonesia | LetsMoveIndonesia

Covid 19 – The current Visa situation in Indonesia

Last updated 16:00 10th February 2021 Indonesian Immigration – Who Can Currently Enter? The Indonesian Immigration situation as of late been exceptionally confusing. Announcement have been made, pulled, reviewed, questioned and then questioned again. Social media has been awash with information, but at LetsMoveIndonesia, we do our best to provide up to date and reliable

Can Expatriates Buy Property In Indonesia? Your Questions Answered | LetsMoveIndonesia

Can Expatriates Buy Property in Indonesia? Your Most Common Questions Answered

One of the most common questions expatriates ask is, “Can I buy property in Indonesia”. If you look online, there are several articles that answer this question, but with different regulations, opinions and changing times, it can prove quite challenging to find reliable information. In this article, we speak to Richard Sugianto, one of LetsMoveIndonesia’s

Jakarta’s Best Apartment Complex to live in 2020! South HIlls - LetsMoveIndonesia

Jakarta’s Best Apartment Complex to live in 2020!

At LetsMoveIndonesia we have visited every premium apartment complex at one time or another, so it takes a lot to get us excited! In 2019 a new complex hit the market and it is taking Jakarta by storm. Its location, price and facilities have elevated this apartment to another level. The name? South Hills. But

The LetsMoveIndonesia December Sales!

We don’t know about you, but to us at LetsMoveIndonesia, 2019 has flown by faster than Santa’s sleigh on Christmas morning! This year we have been extremely busy busy elves adding new services, improving the old and focusing on making the Visa and Company Establishment procedures even easier. We look forward to 2020 and hope

Tax in Indonesia - LetsMoveIndonesia

Tax in Indonesia – Your Most Common Questions Answered!

Setting up a business in Indonesia is a popular choice for many entrepreneurs, however ensuring you fulfil your financial and tax obligations is the next challenge facing most new business owners. In this article, we answer your most common questions regarding tax and help explain everything you need to know regarding the tax process in

The Investor KITAS (Investor Visa) - LetsMoveIndonesia

The Investor KITAS in Indonesia – Everything You Need to Know!

Investor Visa / Investor KITAS – Who is it for and what are the benefits? One of the most off-putting things about obtaining a visa in Indonesia is the cost of the work permit – particularly for new business owners! However, in 2019 the Indonesian Government relaunched the Investor Visa / Investor KITAS making it

Complete Working KITAS Packages – Only Available From LetsMoveIndonesia

Arranging your next Visa to Indonesia – Just got easier! As the trendsetters for immigration in Jakarta, LetsMoveIndonesia is delighted to offer yet another Visa first – Complete tour packages to Singapore for your next visa processing. We are proud to be the first Agency in Jakarta that advertises our visa prices, but even though

Multiple Entry Business Visa - LetsMoveIndonesia

Multiple Entry Business Visa – How To Get Yours!

The Multiple Entry Visa is one of the most affordable and convenient ways to spend time in Indonesia; allowing you to spend 60 days per trip in the country with unlimited entries per year. As well as being one of the most cost-effective ways to spend time in Indonesia, it also allows you to frequently

Visa on Arrival to Indonesia – Everything you need to know!

In this article we explain what the Visa on Arrival (VOA) is, which nationalities can apply, which nationalities can extend, as well as answer your most common questions about this visa. What is a Visa on Arrival? The Visa on Arrival (VOA) is a visa which allows foreigners the right to visit Indonesia for 30

Crowne Plaza Residence – Jakarta’s Newest Serviced Apartment in Gatot Subroto

LetsMoveIndonesia is delighted to market Jakarta’s newest Serviced Apartment Residence the Crowne Plaza, located in the famous area of Gatot Subroto. Opening in July 2019 The Crowne Plaza Residence is set to be the first serviced apartment in the area and benefits from a great location as well as offering guests access to the hotels