Visa on Arrival Extension

If you have arrived in Indonesia using the Visa on Arrival, you have a maximum stay of 30 days. If you would like to stay an additional 30 days, you may apply for a VOA extension.

Single Entry Social Visa

The most popular visa type for foreigners looking to spend a long time travelling in Indonesia. This is a single use visa, so if you leave the country, it will be invalidated.

Single Entry Business Visa

If you are planning to visit Indonesia for the purposes of business meetings with a maximum validity of 180 days, then the Single Entry Business Visa is your best option.

Music Performer Visa

Music Performer visa caters specifically to those seeking to participate in music concerts, art exhibitions, or other cultural events within Indonesia.

Single Entry Visa Extension

Whether you are using a Single Entry Tourist or Business Visa, if you would like to extend your initial 60 day visa, you will need an extension.

Multiple Entry Business Visa

The most popular visa type for foreigners that travel to and from Indonesia frequently for business purposes. This visa is multiple entry, meaning there is no limit how many times you visit.

Spouse KITAP

If you are married to an Indonesian citizen and are not employed in Indonesia, then the spouse KITAP offers a long term, simple visa solution.


If you have been employed with the same sponsor using a working KITAS for 4 years already, you may convert to a 5-year working KITAP.

Investor KITAP

If you are an investor in Indonesia and have previously had an Investor KITAS for 4 consecutive years, you may apply for a 5-year Investor Visa.

Retirement KITAP

Retiring in Indonesia may seem like a dream, but the Retirement KITAP allows foreigners to live and retire in Indonesia with a maximum validity of 5 years.

Calling Visa

Some nationalities have a more complicated visa process than others due to diplomatic relations with Indonesia and require additional approval prior to visa application.

Exit Only Permit (EPO)

To officially terminate a KITAS, whether it be for change of employer or exiting Indonesia the immigration license needs to be revoked.

Exit Re-entry Permit (ERP)

If you have changed sponsors or have left Indonesia without obtaining an Exit Permit Only (EPO), then you will need to submit an ERP whilst outside the country.

Work Visa (KITAS)

The Working Visa (KITAS) is intended for foreigners that live in Indonesia and are employed by an Indonesian business entity.

Spouse Visa (KITAS )

The Spouse KITAS allows foreigners who are married to Indonesian citizens to live within Indonesia with a multiple entry permit for a validity of 1 year.

Dependent Visa (KITAS)

If you have a KITAS, such as working, investor or retirement your spouse or children may obtain a dependent KITAS and live in Indonesia.

Retirement Visa (KITAS)

If you have dreamed of retiring in Indonesia and are over 55 years old, with a provable monthly income, then the Retirement KITAS is a fantastic visa option.

Investor Visa (KITAS)

If you are registered as a shareholder on a foreign owned company (PMA) then the Investor KITAS is the most cost-effective visa for overseeing your business.

Artist KITAS

This visa is also known as an artist visa and is used for professional entertainers, athletes and art professionals. It is not renewable but is perfect for short contracts.

Second Home Visa (KITAS)

A new visa initiative implemented by Indonesian authorities to live and invest in Indonesia for long term periods ranging from 5-10 years.

Repatriation Visa (KITAS)

This KITAS type is specifically tailored for ex-Indonesian citizens who plan to live in Indonesia again for leisure or travel purposes.

Family Sponsored Visa (KITAS)

This visa is intended for individuals who are the child of a mixed marriage between an Indonesian citizen and a foreigner and intend to live in Indonesia.

Research Visa (KITAS)

The Research KITAS is intended for foreigners who are doing research throughout Indonesia. It is sponsored via eligible universities or related ministries.


If you require a KITAS outside of our working area, we can assist you to obtain your E-Visa for stay permit only.

Work Permit Only

If you already have a KITAS and want to work legally in Indonesia, you will need to obtain an IMTA also know as Work Permit.