First Time Buyer Mortgage

Our First-Time Buyer Mortgage Services offer complete services and guidance for the seamless process of your first time buying property in Indonesia.

New Mortgage

If you are looking to buy a new home then our new mortgage service will help ensure you are informed and get the best mortgage available.


Whether you are looking to release equity, opt for a preferable rate or reduce your loan, our team can assist in your remortgage process.

Buy to Let

If you are buying property to rent to others then LetsMoveIndonesia can assist find you the cost effective mortgage solution.

Expat Mortgages

Most foreigners are unaware that they can borrow money to buy property in Indonesia, at LetsMoveIndonesia our team can help.

Indonesian Mortgages Service

Our multinational team can assist Indonesian citizens of almost all income types buy their new home by providing personal service.

Legal Entity Establishment Indonesia

If you need to buy property via an Indonesian Legal Entity, LetsMoveIndonesia has inhouse Legal experts that can help you create a business entity.

Company Mortgage Indonesia

If you are looking to buy property either as a foreigner or to build a property portfolio, you may need to create a company.

Mortgage Advice

Our experienced and qualified team is able to offer full market advice and ensure you are fully informed on your options.

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