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The LetsMoveIndonesia Home Finder Service

Home Finding Service | LetsMoveIndonesia

Are you looking for a new apartment, home or office and can’t find an agent that can help?

LetsMoveIndonesia is Jakarta’s fastest growing real estate agency, specialising in premium property and helping expatriates find their new homes.

Just like you, we were once tired of ‘bule prices’ and time wasting agents that didn’t listen to our needs; so we decided to change that.

So why are we different and why should you use us?

We have years of property finding experience both in Indonesia and internationally.

We listen to your needs, which means you save time, money and stress.

We are an ethical agency; we don’t believe in charging difference prices based on nationality, everyone pays the same.

It is completely free – There is no catch!

If you want to speak to one of the team now, then send us a message to:

*Please note that our consulting service is completely free. We only get paid if we are successful in renting or selling units; (whereby we get paid by the property owner). This therefore means we will do our utmost to get you in the place you want to be, in the quickest time possible. We appreciate your time is important; which is why we listen to your exact requirements before showing you property.

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