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Free Home Finding Service - LetsMoveIndonesia

The LetsMoveIndonesia Free Home Finder Service

LetsMoveIndonesia’s Free Home Finding Service

Looking for a house or apartment to rent in Jakarta is extremely challenging. The city is vast, confusing to navigate and the quality of property can vary dramatically depending on the owner.

In addition; Jakarta is awash with independent agents as well as International Relocation Agencies and Real Estate Agents, all with varying standards of customer service and ethics. With that in mind, not only do you have the challenge of finding the right property, but also the task of finding a reliable agent you can trust.

LetsMoveIndonesia is a whole of market agent, which means once we have accessed our clients needs, to ensure we know exactly what they are looking for, we search the entire market to find them the perfect home.

Tips and advice for finding your new property in Jakarta.

In Indonesia it is fairly standard practice to pay 1 years rent up front as well as 1 months deposit. Despite the average salary being extremely low, costs to rent homes and apartments are not too dissimilar to that of the western world. Yes, it is possible to rent a small 2-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city for less than $1000 USD per month, however, if you have high standards then your budget will need to increase dramatically.

Additionally, you will most likely need to pay electricity, water, cable TV & Internet costs on top each month, unless you consider a serviced apartment.

Other factors to consider is the location of your most frequented places of travel. The traffic is notoriously bad, so to save your time and stress levels, get advice from an expert before starting your home search.

If your company is paying for your home and helping you find it, that is great news, however without the support it can be quite challenging finding reliable agents who listen to your requirements. Most comparison websites are not updated and it is common that as a foreigner, people will ‘up the price’ for personal gain.

International relocation companies will charge anywhere between $600 – $800 USD for a day of home searches, which is obviously very expensive.

Free Home Finding Service - LetsMoveIndonesia

So why are we different and why should you use us?

We have years of property finding experience both in Indonesia and internationally.

We listen to your needs, which means you save time, money and stress.

We are an ethical agency; we don’t believe in charging difference prices based on nationality, everyone pays the same.

It is completely free – There is no catch!

As Jakarta’s most Trusted Real Estate Agency, LetsMoveIndonesia can assess your needs, find exactly what you are looking for and help you find your new home for FREE. We are a whole of market agency, which means, we will research the market for you and find your new home in the most efficient and stress-free way possible.

*Please note that our consulting service is completely free. We only get paid if we are successful in renting or selling units; (whereby we get paid by the property owner). This therefore means we will do our utmost to get you in the place you want to be, in the quickest time possible. We appreciate your time is important; which is why we listen to your exact requirements before showing you property.

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