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Removal & Relocation

Removal & Relocation

Relocation | Letsmoveindonesia

LetsMoveIndonesia is the most competitively priced relocation agency in Jakarta.

With our ethical behaviour, customer serviced attitude and a pricing structure that is friendly for everyone, its no wonder why we are the expatriates relocation agent of choice. So how can we help you?

Moving your home?

Moving home and need to move all your valuables? Then let LetsMoveIndonesia help! We work closely with prestigious local and national removal companies that can help you move your home safely and easily.

All of our removal companies are insured, qualified and reliable and will be shortlisted to match your move and requirements. If you would like a free no obligation consultation, then email us with: Where you are moving from and where you are going, your contact details and preferred method of contact and time

One of our trusted removal companies will give you a call, at a time that is convenient to you.

Moving to Indonesia?

We understand how daunting it is to move to a new country, so much to think about and plan. But fear not, at LetsMoveIndonesia we can help you move and answer any questions you may have about your life changing move. We will be able to assist you with the following:

Immigration Services

Indonesian visa and immigration processes are lengthy and complex, our Immigration Consultants are ready to facilitate and make the experience less hassle for you.

Look-see trip/Orientation

LetsMoveIndonesia tailor-made a one-day programme to show new arrivals around the city and to help them feel at ease with the prospect of living in Jakarta. An ice box with refreshments will be available in the car during the programme. To keep hydrated is very important as it can get extremely hot in Jakarta. Biscuits will also be provided if there are young children accompanying. The itinerary will more than likely cover most of the below depending on the Assignee’s needs and requirements:

  • Shopping centre
  • Restaurants
  • Community groups, clubs and associations
  • Currency, banking and money changers
  • Sports facilities
  • Medical providers
  • Cultural information
  • Places of worship

At the end of the programme, the Consultant will provide a review and any inquired additional information.

Relocation | LetsMoveIndonesia

School Search

Finding the right school to suit children’s needs is one of the Assignee’s main concerns. LetsMoveIndonesia will assist in identifying the right school by providing current information on the international schools in Jakarta. Our Consultant will accompany the Assignee to all pre-arranged visit and to assist with any other needs. We will provide:

  • Addresses, name of the Principals/Registrars, telephone numbers of relevant international schools, kindergartens and preschools.
  • Coordinate appointments with Principals/Registrars and accompany if necessary.
  • Provide information on potential schools to meet the child’s needs/interests.
  • Advise the Assignee/family of the required forms and paperwork.

In most cases the international schools in Jakarta don’t require the child to perform a test and submit the document before registration, unless if the parents want their children to enter a strictly English speaking school and their language is not English. After an assessment has been made, the school places the child according to the assessment result.

Basic Payment Procedures

Once the child is enrolled, capitalization/building fee should be paid to the school. This is a non-refundable annual fee. Few schools may require a deposit to reserve a spot for the child and this deposit will be refunded when the child leaves the school. Each school will have a different policy and this information will be given at time of appointment with the Principal/Registrar.

School fees for international schools in Jakarta are vary, and can range from USD 10,000 – USD 30,000 per child. Other fees such as transportation, sports activities, etc may apply.

Short Term Accommodation and Home Search

Need Analysis Form (NAF) will be provided to be filled-out by the Assignee or HR. The form will pertain the information such as the Assignee’s budget, preferred location, preferred house or apartment type (detached, townhouse, compound, serviced/non-serviced apartment), number of bedroom, etc, and the property list will be compiled based on the information on NAF. Subsequently, a dedicated Real Estate Consultant will be assigned to assist in the lease rate and wish list negotiation with the Landlord, lease agreement draft, lease agreement finalization and check-in support. During the check-in, the Consultant will document the property, furniture and fixtures condition with both Landlord and the Assignee’s presence. This document will be instrumental as a reference point should there be any claim made from either party during the tenancy or check-out period.

It is the market practice in Indonesia that the minimum lease is for 1 year and full payment should be made in advance plus 1 month security deposit.

Relocation | LetsMoveIndonesia

Settling-In assistance

This programme is designed to help and expedite the transition for the Assignee and family to acclimatised to life in their new home and community, thereby reducing stress for all concerned. LetsMoveIndonesia Consultant will support with the following:

  • Local bank account set-up assistance
  • Landline service set-up assistance
  • Cable and internet set-up assistance
  • Driver’s licence application
  • Vehicle lease assistance
  • Furniture rental assistance

Tenancy Management Support

During the tenancy period, should any issues occurred with the property (e.g. leakage, plumbing, electrical issues, etc), we would act as your SPOC (Single Point of Contact) to mediate with the Landlord to resolve any structural matters and provide direct support from our Engineering team for non-structural matters.

Departure Service

LetsMoveIndonesia Consultant will assist in the coordination between the Assignee and the Landlord for the arrangement of pre-handover inspection and the final handover of the property. We will also assist in negotiation with the Landlord on behalf of the Assignee for the return of security deposit. Other support will include closing of bank accounts, disconnect landline and utilities, and school deregistration.

Language Training

There are variety of programmes available, from introductory to comprehensive Bahasa Indonesia courses and can be delivered either at the Assignee’s office, residence or in other venue the Assignee might wish to organize.

Cross Cultural Training

Working and living in Indonesia is a big challenge to anyone who was grown up outside Indonesia. The culture, religion, social interaction, attitude to life and business behaviour differs greatly from other countries and this is exactly where the challenges lie. All areas of life are affected by these differences which may be challenging for the Assignee to gain a foothold in Indonesia. Our programme shares a unique insight of Indonesian culture, business behaviour and how to establish meaningful business relationship with the locals.

If you have any questions or need any help, then please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help.

*Please note that all advice is free and there is no obligation to purchase any products. If you decide to pursue any of products and advice then fees may be incurred.

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