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LetsMoveIndonesia Moves To Bellagio Mall, Mega Kuningan

After an incredibly successful 2016, LetsMoveIndonesia has moved to Bellagio Mall in Mega Kuningan!

2016 saw incredible growth for LMI and they have gone from strength to strength in the pursuit to be the number 1 Premium Real Estate Agency in Jakarta!
LMI speaks with Adjie Dewangga the head of New Developments about the unrivalled growth of Indonesia’s fastest growing agency and finds out why LMI has proved to be one of Indonesia’s biggest success stories of 2016.

Office Picture side LetsMoveIndonesia

LMI: So Adjie, can you tell us about why you think LMI has proved to be so successful in a relatively slow period of Indonesia’s economic climate?
AD: It is no secret that sales and developments have been slowing down in recent times due to several factors, however, where there are bad times, there are always times of opportunity.
Whilst other agencies sat back and rode out the quiet period, LMI went out to try to create something different and really make changes to the way property is rented and sold throughout Indonesia.

LMI: You mentioned that you did things differently than the more established agencies, by what exactly do you mean by that?
AD: Well, we looked at successful agencies from around the world and assessed, what is it they are doing differently and how can we incorporate that into the Indonesia market.
We focused all our attention on providing a new level of customer service, one that completely focused on the client’s needs. We created a website that is up to date, user friendly, updated daily and gives our users free advice for all property matters. The website has been a great success so far and none of the other agencies even come close to what our site offers. Next, we spent time focusing on the ability of our agents, focusing their ideologies on customer satisfaction rather than sell sell sell.
In July 2016, we created a new service, which we call our ‘Home Finder Service’. This service offers customers a free consultation about their property needs. We then check the entire market based on their preferences and find them the perfect home. As it stands, we are the ONLY agency to offer such a service.
Finally, we invested our time heavily in social media and have established the largest following of online users in the country.

LetsMoveIndonesia Jakarta

LMI: What about Bellagio Mall, why did you decide to open a branch there?
AD: We have established ourselves as a market leader in promoting new developments and premium property. We noticed that our competition are still working from office towers or in small badly maintained shops throughout the city. We wanted to find an office that truly represented our clients and the quality they would expect from such an agency.
We are proud to become the first agency in Indonesia to open a branch within a mall and are looking forward to passing on our expertise to more people who are looking for a better level of service and convenience.

LMI: What inspiration did you take regarding the design of your office?
AD: We decided we wanted to create a homely, comfortable feel to our office, whilst still making it functional and modern. We incorporated vintage artwork, with custom made furniture to create a stunning environment, that will make us the envy of the town.

LMI: What’s next for LMI in 2017?
AD: After focusing on the establishing ourselves and redefining customer satisfaction in 2016, 2017 will be a year of expanding our services. But, I won’t tell you all the details now, you will just have to wait and see.

LM: Thank you for your time. For people looking for further information about LMI, how can they contact you?
AD: You can contact the team by popping into the office we are open 7 days a week, on the upper ground level of Bellagio Mall, Mega Kuningan, or you can visit the website, Alternatively, you can email any queries you have to or give us a call on 021 300 29 727

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