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Know about market updates becomes Indonesia’s Newest Relocation Service Provider

Caroline Kastanya | LetsMoveIndonesia Relocation Service Provider

LetsMoveIndonesia is absolutely delighted to announce that we are Jakarta’s Newest Relocations Services Provider.

In 2016, LetsMoveIndonesia opened its doors during a turbulent housing period; but like a phoenix from the flame, flew from the ashes to quickly become Jakarta’s favourite Premium Real Estate Agency. This was by no means an easy task, but with perseverance, delivering excellent customer service and improving the way real estate is managed and sold, it didn’t take long to start making waves in the market.

In 2017, we have hit the ground running, opening our first branch in Bellagio Mall Mega Kuningan, making us the first agency in the country to be located in a mall; subsequently, business has continued to grow.

For our newest project, we have assessed the market and feel there is space for a relocation provider that puts its customer’s satisfaction at the heart of its business. We believe we can offer a fantastic service at the fraction of the cost compared to our competitors.

Spearheading this new division, LetsMoveIndonesia is delighted to introduce our new Relocations Manager Caroline Kastanya.

LMI catches up with her to find out how she became involved with relocation services and how she thinks LMI can help expatriates relocate in the future.

Caroline Kastanya | LetsMoveIndonesia

LMI: Firstly, congratulations on the new position, can you tell us a little about how you got into this line of work and what do you enjoy about it?

CK: Thank you very much LMI for this great opportunity. I started to learn about the Relocation and Real Estate Business in 2013, when I joined Santa Fe Relocation Indonesia. I was assigned as the Real Estate Division Manager.

Coming from a totally different working background in Europe, it was a challenge for me to learn about the Relocation Business but I was eager to learn. Before I knew it, I was collecting and managing new properties for my Real Estate division and managing big client accounts, such as BP Indonesia, Caterpillar and Nokia.

The job gave me true satisfaction and I love the customer service element, helping clients and their families settle into Jakarta.

Being an expatriate myself, coming back to Indonesia where I was originally born; I can absolutely relate to the needs of the expatriate clients. They want to feel safe, comfortable and as content as possible. Helping others is very satisfying to me and I am grateful I can share my experiences and knowledge with new people.

LMI: What experiences have you had in the past, working with expatriates in relocation services?

CK: It was a very colourful experience working with expatriates in relocation services previously. Some of the expatriate colleagues that I had, had been living in Indonesia for many years and we shared experiences from where we used to live and our new lives in Jakarta.

For some expatriates the transformation was quite tough, leaving their home and safe environment, entering the Urban life of Jakarta; but, as soon as they discovered new places to go, from supermarkets, doctors, schools and malls, they started to feel home in Jakarta, the way I did. For many expatriates, Jakarta became their home away from home.

LMI: From your experience, what mistakes do people make when they move to Indonesia and how can other people avoid them?

CK: There is a misconception that living in Asia is really cheap, which is true if you live as the locals do; however, if you like European food and good wine, this does not apply to you. Supermarkets selling European goods and alcohol, often triple what you would pay for the items elsewhere due to import taxes. It is wise to bring some of your favourite comfort foods with you.

Another potential issue is the VISA and Immigration process. The Indonesian Government has made stringent rules to tighten up the immigration and VISA regulation for foreigners who come in to Indonesia, which can be problematic. My advice would be to speak to a reliable VISA agent before you get here. LMI works with who are experts on the matter.

LMI: What excites you about the challenge of running a new relocation division and what things are you most looking forward to working on?

CK: The thing that excites me the most, is that with this new division, we will start it from scratch. With knowledge and experience, we can avoid the mistakes others made and create a better service for all our users.

I am also looking forward to building the current property database with more quality homes and apartments and being able to showcase this to our new customers.

The most challenging part of running the relocation division is managing the properties. Fortunately, LMI has an excellent array of new properties already, but managing larger volumes will be challenging.

Relocation Service |LetsMoveIndonesia

LMI: What services will you offer and why would these be useful to consumers?

CK: The new relocation division will offer an Orientation service, Home and school Search assistance and a Home Finding Service. We feel that these services will be enough to help our clients settle in quickly and comfortably. Additional services including VISA and Logistics will also be additional options if required.

The Home Finding Service is the service that all our clients will benefit from. Finding a place to live in Jakarta is difficult and you need to consider a lot of different factors to ensure you have a suitable home for your family. We offer a complete service which includes finding and showing our clients around different homes, negotiating with landlords, tenancy management, assistance with payment processing and finalising payments.

We do the hard work for our customers so they do not have to.

LMI: Competition is fierce in relocation services; how do you think the services of LMI will be different to that of its competitors?

CK: I think being a New Player in Town, LMI has already created its own style and has already proved that by doing things differently from the competition they are able to improve the market. They have created the most functional website, have the best office, have a great premium property database and have customer service staff trained to ensure the clients are happy. No other Real Estate Agency is even close to what they have done in such a short time.

As far as services being different, this is an interesting question. The core values of LMI are the ethical behaviour we promote. We don’t believe in charging extortionate fees or pushing up the price of apartments and houses based on nationality, which unfortunately is common place within other agencies in Indonesia.

We will offer a customer orientated service, personalised to each individual, whilst charging a reasonable price. (More than half the price some of the competition charges).

Relocation Service | LetMoveIndonesia

LMI: Why should potential customers consider using LMI over more established companies?

CK: LMI is in a particularly interesting agency, one where they specialise in a certain type of property and are open to the entire market. If they do not have what you are looking for, they will find it via other agencies and brokers. Giving the customer whole market information.

They are the favourite Real Estate Agent for Expats in Jakarta and have excellent knowledge of the property market and reaching expatriate expectations.

Additionally, I mentioned earlier about the price, we will charge significantly lower rates for relocation services than the bigger companies are able to offer. We don’t view clients as numbers on a balance sheet, but as individuals with their own requirements and preferences.

LMI: How do you envisage the future of expatriates moving to Indonesia; will numbers increase or do you think any of the processes will change?

CK: The numbers will increase but it also depends on the rules and regulation of Manpower and the Immigration processes in Indonesia. Regulations change with the weather here, so hopefully moving forward, there will be more stability within the governments legislations.

LMI: Well, it was great getting to know you, thank you for answering all our questions. If anyone would like to know more, what should they do?

CK: It was my Pleasure. If anyone would like to know more they can check out the website or contact me by email: or phone: +61 21 300 297 27.

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