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Design Trends 2016 Part 2


This week LetsMoveIndonesia gives you the second instalment to our popular post, Design Trends 2016! Every home owner needs to find the inner interior designer inside at some point; here are some ideas to make your home fabulous this year.…

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Sleep better, cuddle longer!


Tired of getting a dead arm whilst snuggling your loved one? Everyone loves a lazy morning snuggle in bed, but being a big spoon has its disadvantages… The famous dead arm scenario is one that ruins a perfect bedtime cuddle…

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The most stunning bath tub you have ever seen!

rsz_lady_in_bath_edit_copy LMI Copy

We love a bit of design magnificence here at LetsMoveIndonesia and when we see something amazing, we get really, really excited about it. So without further ado, we introduce the Hammock Bath, the most stylish, elegant, luxurious bath tub we…

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Micro-apartment modular furniture


You will never say this apartment is too small ever again with this fantastic piece of clever furniture! With the popularity of micro-apartments on the rise, many are adjusting to living in a small space. Technology startups are rushing to…

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12 expert tips on decorating with colour

rsz_interior_picture_pixlr_2 - LMI Image

How to use colour to make your home look stunning  1. Preparation is key Always prep properly before decorating. It doesn’t matter how much you invest in expensive paint – if the walls are shabby, you won’t be happy with the…

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How to improve your living space

rsz E & U Article Pic

With land prices continually increasing; it is becoming more and more difficult to find spacious property in Jakarta at an affordable price. To combat this, people are looking for smaller more affordable spaces to call their new home. This week…

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